Dec 20, 2018

12 Most Creative Matchbox Designs.

When it comes to matchboxes, much isn't thought about them, but they play an important role. Whether you are camping or need to light the newspaper for fireplace, or light a candle you do still need them. And few of these boxes have interesting packaging that can make your day. We have this collection from all over the world, few of these are from gone by era, vintage, while some are a part of advertising campaigns, while some come from hotels or a restaurants and more, but all these are designed to make one smile.

Tabasco Matchbox: The idea behind Tabasco Matchbox is quite simple and yet effective to remind people and make them recognize the spicy flavor of Tabasco.

Tabasco Matchbox

Wooden Covers: These wooden covers are just the thing you need if you want to replace the standard cover of your matchbox.

Wooden Covers

Old Flame: The Old Flame uses an innovative hexagonal structure that uses up to 40% less material compared to other box designs.

Old Flame

Wooden Matches Block: The Wooden Matches Block contains 100 matches carved out of a single, solid block of wood.

Wooden Matches Block

Waar Rook: This is no matchbox, but it's a book, but it features a striking surface that lets one actually light a match on the book.

Waar Rook

Mette Match Box: Mette is just a normal matchbox but comes in an interesting packaging design.

Mette Match Box

Illustrated Matchbox Set: The set comes with 3 matchboxes, and each of these boxes are originally stamped with handcarved stamp designs.

Illustrated Matchbox Set

Illustrated Matchbox Set 2: These illustrated matchboxes are just the thing you need for the winter season. The boxes feature a walking penguin, a classical nutcracker and the snowman.

Illustrated Matchbox Set 2

Vintage Matchbox Labels: Few from gone by era.

Vintage Matchbox Labels

Vintage Matchbox Labels

Vintage Matchbox Labels


Here we have some more creative matchbox designs for you. More.

Matchbox Design
Matchbox Design
Matchbox Design

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