Nov 3, 2018

Most Amazing Elevator Optical Illusions.

Who doesn't enjoy a good optical illusion? And if you have an eye for these optical illusions, we are sure you are going to enjoy these..

Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion: This awesome 3D illusion was part of the guerrilla marketing idea to promote the opening of the Nemesis Sub-Terra ride at Alton Towers Resort. But the unsuspecting regular London shoppers were definitely in for a surprise when they called the elevator and found the elevator bottom missing. The optical illusion made it look like the floor of the elevator has collapsed and people are just a step away from falling into the deep elevator shaft.

Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion
Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion
Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion
Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion
Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion

3D Optical Illusion Lift Floor: For creating this awesome optical floor illusion, a photograph of elevator shaft floor was taken, then printed with a TrueVIS VG-640, laminated with antislip laminate and applied to 5mm foamex.

3D Optical Illusion Lift Floor

Bauer Media Elevator Advertisement: The optical floor illusion was a part of the Bauer's advertising campaign.

Bauer Media Elevator Advertisement

Maxwell House Elevator Advertisement: This creative illusion created an impression that the elevator had no floor.

Maxwell House Elevator Advertisement

3D Art in Elevator: This mostly looks like a part of an advertising campaign with sharks or some movie related to sharks; similarly, we did a post of shark on a building which was a part of Discovery's Shark Week.

3D Art in Elevator

More on Elevators:

Elevator Art:

(Image via: sarahlopezjorge).

(Image via: inst_andres).

Swiss Skydive Elevator Advertisement: This ambient advertisement was created for Swiss Skydive, special panels were fitted in floors of the multi-store buildings that created an impression that people are in for freefall while the elevator descended.

Swiss Skydive Elevator Advertisement

LG Electronics Pranks Elevator: The LG Electronics pranks the elevator riders using a grid of their IPS monitors to create an optical illusion.

Jelly Tots Elevator Advertisement: This ambient advertisement was created for Jelly Tots as a part of "Adventure is Anywhere" campaign. A colorful underwater world was created in elevators in major shopping centers for kids to know that with Jelly Tots, adventures can really happen wherever you are.

Jelly Tots Elevator Advertisement

MINI Cabrio Elevator Advertisement: MINI Cabrio stickers were placed on elevators to create the impression of getting in a MINI Cabrio. More here.

MINI Cabrio Elevator Advertisement

Divorce Lawyer Elevator Advertisement: A typical wedding photo was affixed to lift doors in a law firm and every time the doors opened, the couple separated. But help was at hand for everyone as soon as they stepped into the lift: a sign showed the name of the law firm and which floor the office was on. More here.

Divorce Lawyer Elevator Advertisement

Alternatives to Elevator:

Escalator Advertisement: Here we got a creative escalator advertisement that demonstrates DHL's inexplicable ability to reach on time regardless of conditions. The areas on either side and between the escalators were covered with huge bird's-eye view of Hong Kong highway with stationary vehicles; and the moving handrails then acted as a fast lane with a steady flow of little yellow DHL vans racing past. More here.

DHL Escalator Advertisement

Juice Salon Escalator Advertisement: To advertise the wide variety of hairstyle options available at Juice Salon, the picture of a man up till his forehead was pasted on the one end of the escalator and a different hairstyle on each of its steps. More here.

Juice Salon Escalator Advertisement

Incredible Staircases in the World: This one comes from Caltagirone, Sicily, Italy. More here.

(Image via: adme).

Best Stair Stickers: Here we got a Dolphin Coral Stair Risers Mural that's going to turn your staircase to look like a huge aquarium. More here.

Best Stair Stickers

Most Useful Under Stair Storage Ideas: If you are looking for some ideas on how to use the leftover area underneath the stairs and make it useful, then you landed on the right page. More here.

Most Useful Under Stair Storage Ideas

Advertisements on Stairs: To promote Ogawa Massage Chairs and their excellent massages, life sized stickers of a man face down were strategically placed at selected stairways around the city, creating the illusion that the person is receiving the "foot" massage. More Here.

Foot Massage Stairs Advertisement

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