Nov 8, 2018

12 Creative Packaging Designs.

Do you agree that presentation of a product makes a difference to the buying decision? What if you find a bag of chips on a shelf in a supermarket that has odd colors and unattractive packaging, do you prefer buying it? And what if you see a pack of noodles that has an impressive design and comes in attractive packaging?
We strongly believe that packaging can be of great importance to a product, or to say least for the first purchase, and later purchases are sure to be based on the quality of the product. But you need someone to first try a product for subsequent sales and here is where the packaging plays its part. Don't believe us, have a look.

JustLaid: Beautiful packaging design that emphasizes the freshness of its product.


Yarn Packaging: Rellana wool yarn beautifully uses creative packaging design for its hair range of yarn.

Yarn Packaging

Good Hair Day Pasta: The packaging design consists of boxes with cutout image of a woman with beautiful hairstyles, while different types of pasta are turned into awesome hairstyles. Though it was difficult for us to imagine the link between hair and food, but this pasta packaging design is sure to get your attention on the shelves.

Good Hair Day Pasta

Good Hair Day Pasta

Good Hair Day Pasta

Good Hair Day Pasta

Meat Shorts Packaging: Weird Clothing's meat shorts were packed like perishable meat.

Meat Shorts Packaging

The Bees Knees: An unusual yet effective packaging of The Bees Knees from Klein Constantia Farm.

The Bees Knees

Skinny Jeans Packaging: Skinny cardboard packaging designed to promote Lee skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans Packaging

Laundry Detergent Box: This laundry detergent uses a washing machine inspired detergent box for promoting its product.

Laundry Detergent Box

Upside Down Shoes Packaging: The Reebok climbing shoes comes in an unusual yet interesting packaging design.

Upside Down Shoes Packaging

Peelable Banana Label: This creative Peelable Banana Label comes from Unifrutti Japan.

Peelable Banana Label

Fit Buns Bread Packaging: Creative packaging designed for Fit Buns healthy bread.

Fit Buns Bread Packaging

Dino Gum: The Dino Gum packaging was shaped like dino's jaws, just a reminder to all that dinosaurs must have had very strong teeth.

Dino Gum

Chip Bags: No more getting your hands dirty with oil and crumbs while you dig deeper when trying to enjoy a bag of chips. This creative packaging design gives you a new way to open chip bags.

Chip Bags

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