Nov 6, 2018

12 Best And Unique Business Cards.

What's the purpose of having a piece of paper and calling it your business card if it doesn't have its own personality? Your business card should be able to intrigue the recipient of your business card.
Your business card represents your business, your services or you, then it should be able to inculcate interest in your business, your services or you in your future client or customer.
Now if you got a standard or boring business card then you got two options, one go back to the drawing board and rethink how to make it stand out or two, continue it.
But one thing for sure, your business card should be able to talk about you, your business or your services and that doesn't need to be printed on it. It should be capable of conveying about you, your business or services in much more than those words printed on it.

Makeup Services Business Card: Sandra Martins offers makeup services to the customer and what better can it get than having rose red lipstick mark to send out the message? The Sandra Martins Business Card was created as a special stamp that simulates a lipstick mark that may be applied to any material, such as napkins, paper sheets, and more.

Makeup Services Business Card

Personal Trainer's Iron Slab Business Card: A clever business card of Karim Mobayed - Personal Trainer; the business card is printed on an iron slab weighing over 1lb. So once you pick up this trainer's business card your work out has started already.

Personal Trainer's Iron Slab Business Card

Self-Optometry Business Card: The Self-Optometry Business Card is a clever move by Myung Dong, a small optician store whose main customers where men and women between 50 - 70 years old in the surrounding area and who didn't acknowledge their poor vision as they were accustomed to it. Within a limited budget this clever Self-Optometry Business Card was created that examines people's eyesight. All one needed to do was just reach out their hand and the business card converts to an eyesight chart. About 500 business cards were distributed in the surrounding area, 99.9% of residents participated and over 90% of the residents visited the optician in just a month's time.

Self-Optometry Business Card

Tennis Court Business Card: Denia Salu Tennis Academy came up with this business card as it wanted to narrow its relationship with its present and future students. The business card was hand folded in half and when opened became a tennis court.

Tennis Court Business Card

pH Business Card: The Schwimmer Pool Service Business Card is printed on special pool pH paper and when the prospective clients dip this card into their pool's water to test its balance level, the business card then changes color to indicate whether or not they should call the phone number on the other side of the card.

pH Business Card

Degree/Diploma Business Card: Schoolarship is an organization that provides education grants to students in need. To create awareness of the benefits of scholarship grants to college and university students for a post-secondary diploma/degree, they came up with this Degree/Diploma Business Card.

Degree/Diploma Business Card

Frame Business Card: A business card of a frame manufacturer.

Frame Business Card

Ebolaindustries Business Card: Ebolaindustries is the digital nickname of Enfants Terribles and its professionals introduced themselves with a pseudonym: Mr. white, Mr. blue, Mr. orange, Mrs. green, Mrs. silver. The Ebolaindustries' business cards emulate the microscope slides, these in addition to the pseudonym, and other image in the reference color, also had the real names of the professionals, but visible only under a microscope.

Ebolaindustries Business Card

Candy Wrapper Business Card: Choko la Business Card makes its signature gourmet range an integral part of its business card. What more as the flavors kept changing, the demand of the business cards never declined.

Candy Wrapper Business Card

Shoelace Business Card: An interesting business card from Adidas, it had each salespersons detail along with the store address.

Shoelace Business Card

X-Ray Business Card: The University Veterinary Hospital has well known expert doctors in various fields. The X-Ray Business Cards were created using the hospital's stock of animal x-ray footage. These business cards looked like miniature x-ray sheets and each doctor was represented by an x-ray image that corresponded to his specialization or preferred animal.

X-Ray Business Card

Debt Recovery Agent's Business Card: This clever business card is of Mr. Rajesh Ranjan, a debt recovery agent, India. In India, for various personal loans, like credit card, car loan, home loan when the due payment starts failing, a debt recovery agent is allocated for recovery of the dues. And this business card is created using an X-Ray sheet, has the name and phone number of the recovery agent along with a broken finger. It's a simple yet effective way to get across the message that further delay in due payments won't be healthy.

Debt Recovery Agent's Business Card
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