Oct 30, 2018

12 Creative and Clever Outdoor Advertisements.

We come across numerous advertising campaigns; these can be online advertising, newspaper advertisements, television commercials, outdoor advertisements and lot more. But there are only few of those advertisements that really leave a lasting impression. And we have sorted out the best outdoor advertisements to make your day.

EasyJet's Reflected Billboard: This clever billboard was installed on 'Place de la Bourse' and a simple glance wont make any sense but you need to look at the water mirror to get the message.

EasyJet's Reflected Billboard

Widow Jane's Brooklyn Bridge Advertisement: The idea behind the advertisement was quite simple; to let the world know that Widow Jane's beverages are crafted with pure mineral water from the same limestone found in the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, NY. It's the very same limestone that is part of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Grand Central Station and more. And Brooklyn Bridge was a perfect choice to present a powerful and fascinating story to the world.

Widow Jane's Brooklyn Bridge Advertisement

Rogue One: A Starwars Story - Gatwick Airport Terminal Takeover: This creative advertising campaign was to promote the launch of Rogue One: A Starwars Story.

Rogue One: A Starwars Story - Gatwick Airport Terminal Takeover

McDonald's Weather Reactive Outdoor Advertisement: A clever advertising campaign by McDonald to take part in Britain's favorite topic of conversation. The digital billboard used the MET Office real-time data that displayed the April's unpredictable weather conditions. While an unwrapped burger represents the sun, an upturned box of fries signified showers and there were eight more different icons to show how volatile April weather can be.

McDonald's Weather Reactive Outdoor Advertisement

Play-Doh Airplane Advertisement: It's a part of "Open a jar of imagination" Play-Doh campaign, and this clever billboard was created to remind to the whole world the importance of encouraging kid's imagination. And the best part is the billboard was made of 100 percent imagination.

Play-Doh Airplane Advertisement

Kit Kat Auto off Billboard: J. Walter Thompson London came up with this digital billboard that had a simple circuit with a Kit Kat finger as the switch. It was created to persuade people to take a break from electricity. When it was 8.30 pm on Saturday March 24, the Kit Kat finger in the special build unit snapped, breaking the circuit and turning off the electricity to the billboard and interestingly millions around the globe joined together to switch off their electricity for 60 minutes.

Kit Kat Auto off Billboard

Audi LOOOOL Billboard: BMW came up with a billboard right in front of Audi's showroom that read: "It's never too late to change your mind." To which Audi as a response came up with a billboard that read: "LOOOOL, you never change a winning brand." And interestingly the LOOOOL showed in Audi's banner is created using its rings in the logo.

Audi LOOOOL Billboard

The Chess Shop - Your Move Advertisement: A clever advertisement that guides people from the location of the poster to The Chess Shop on Baker Street, London.

The Chess Shop - Your Move Advertisement

McDonald's Time For A Classic Billboard: McDonald came up with these digital boards to counter the decline in lunchtime visits. These digital boards updated daily to block off lunch on the exact day they were seen, reminding people to make time for a McDonald's Classic.

McDonald's Time For A Classic Billboard

Mazda - The Head Turning Billboard: To promote Mazda MX-5 RF this smart billboard was created. It featured facial recognition, algorithms and more; what was innovative about it was that when a person turned their head towards the billboard, it counted them. It was a perfect setup to get the message to the world - 'The Mazda MX-5 RF is a real head turner.'

Mazda - The Head Turning Billboard

Peugeot Mosaic Billboard: The Peugeot came up with this mosaic billboard for their Peugeot Expert to display their true connection with craftsmen.

Peugeot Mosaic Billboard

Bus Tank Advertisement:

Bus Tank Advertisement

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