Oct 9, 2018

Backpack With Inbuilt Back Massager - Eume.

Many of us or shall we say all of us can't be away from our smartphone for more than few minutes, the same way backpacks have become our new companion. We need backpack for school, office, college and even outdoors. But at times it gets tiring, the weight at times wears you down along with the days fatigue. But what if we say we have a cool backpack that's ergonomically designed for improving your posture while giving you a massage anytime and anywhere. Don't believe us? We have for you Eume, it's a backpack with inbuilt back massager, features phones recharger, plus 20 more features, its ergonomic design, waterproof and TSA-compatible. Now you can enjoy massages on your way to work, while hiking or just about anywhere. The massagers activate at the touch of a button, and give you 3 working modes: top massagers, lower massagers or both the massagers at one go. Preorder.

backpack for office
The Collection consists of Classic Backpack, Daily Backpack and Travel Backpack. All the backpacks feature back massager along with additional features designed depending upon usage. But more importantly these are designed to reduce fatigue through the day, and relax your back.

backpack for women
The storage in the backpacks has been designed keeping in view the weight distribution, and storage optimization in an intelligent manner.

backpack for girls
Using the height adjustment strap at either side of the backpack you can align the backpack irrespective of your height for better comfort. The easy straps on the back of backpack let you adjust the flexible back torso to align the massagers to massage areas.

backpack for men
The Eume Classic Backpack can be used on a regular basis, comes with antitheft features, is waterresistant, has optimum storage space, hidden security pockets and inbuilt dual USB port.

backpack for boys
backpack for travelling
backpack for collage
The Eume Daily Backpack has a seamless exterior, and a compact footprint but doesn't compromise on space, weighs less compared to other backpacks, and comes with storage space for all your daily necessities. It features an inbuilt USB port, and also a micro USB port, that lets you simultaneously recharge your power bank too. The backpack has multiple storage space, few are hidden for security, and its icons on the bag designate where to store things.

backpack for school

backpack for ladies
backpack for trekking
backpack for outdoors
backpack for camping
The Eume Travel Pack is designed for Travel enthusiasts; it comes with a lay-flat open design that makes packing essentials a lot easier. It comes with intelligently placed support straps, and convenient side handle, that makes traveling and taking around your belongings a breeze. What more, its convenient modular pouches make packing less of a hassle. It features a detachable electronic sleeve, that houses your laptop, smart device, rechargers and a book.

backpack for commuting
backpack for college girls
backpack for guys

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