Sep 17, 2018

12 Must Have Train Commuter Essentials.

Tube and Rail can be packed during rush hour, and you fumbling with all your things might not be feasible all the time. And a use of a backpack as a travel bag is a good idea and what goes in it can make your journey a lot more comfortable.

Pangolin Backpack: The Pangolin Backpack comes with airflow back channels for comfort and ergonomics, cushioned adjustable shoulder straps, large zippered storage for laptop up to 13", medium size storage with closure for ipad, practical organizer pocket with closure and small zippered storage. Buy Now.

Pangolin Backpack
Ostrich Pillow Light: Ostrich Pillow Light is designed for power napping on the go. It features a smart adjustable elastic ring that lets you use it comfortably. It's filled with micro-beads to enhance sound reduction, is lightweight and is available in original blue and red colors. Buy Now.

Ostrich Pillow Light

Dubs Earplugs: Dubs are advanced tech acoustic filters that reduce volume without affecting the clarity of sound. They feature a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to protect the ears. Buy Now.

Dubs Earplugs
Ember Travel Cup: Ember keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature and lets one enjoy the beverage exactly the way they like it. All one needs to do is pour the beverage, adjust the temperature by rotating the dial at its bottom. And it keeps the content at the perfect temperature for up to 2 hours on the go, or all day when used with its recharging coaster. Using its app, one can name the cup, create temperature presets, choose notification preferences, and more. Apart from these one can remotely adjust it to their ideal temperature. Buy Now.

Ember Travel Cup

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain: The Streamlight Keymate Flashlight features machine aircraft aluminum casing in titanium, lasts up to 96 hours and weighs .9 ounce. Buy Now.

Streamlight Keymate Flashlight Keychain
Satechi 10000 mAh Aluminum Energy Station: The Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station features 10000 mAh, features 2 USB outputs and can recharge 2 devices simultaneously. You can recharge your iPad, iPhone, or other USB powered smartphone or smart device on the go. It's compact, easy to take along and lightweight. Buy Now.

Satechi 10000 mAh Aluminum Energy Station
Joey Travel Jacket: The Joey Travel Jacket is an EDC jacket that's designed to make your daily life easier. It features iPad/book pockets, water bottle straps, hidden pockets, softlined pockets, carbineer loops, zip off sleeves, built in eye mask, earphone holding loop, microfiber cloth, waist adjuster, and built in luggage strap. Buy Now.

Must Have Train Commuter Essentials

Twist Lidlunch Box: What make this lunch box to stand out? It features a unique and easy-to-use twisting closure system. You get access to your lunch by twisting its cover to open or close it. Apart from this it keeps your foodhot for up to 4 hours. It measures 5 x 5 x 5 inches. Buy Now.

Twist Lidlunch Box

Prismo: Prismo is an optics attachment designed for smartphone front-facing camera that lets you take photos and record videos handsfree, in a subtle and unobtrusive way. All you need to do is stretch Prismo onto your smartphone, and over the front-facing camera and start taking photos and recording video. Buy Now.


Telescopic Pen Keychain: The Telescopic Pen Keychain is a compact pen that weighs less than an ounce and measures less than two inches and expands to nearly the length of a standard pen. So when you forget your regular pen and need to fill in paper next time, you don't need to borrow it from next person as you have a spare on your keychain. Buy Now.

Telescopic Pen Keychain
Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet: The Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet is slim, sleek and lightweight, can easily hold up to 9 cards and a couple of bills, features an internal pocket that is RFID protected and comes with automatically retracting smart strap. Buy Now.

Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet
Titanium Pocket Bit: Titanium Pocket Bit is a keyring screwdriver and EDC multi-tool. It features compact solid titanium alloy double-sided screwdriver bit, and weighs around 1/4 the weight of a standard house key. It's perfect for fastening/loosening common screwheads, opening packages/boxes, and doubles as a bottle opener. Buy Now.

Titanium Pocket Bit

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