Sep 18, 2018

12 Fun Office Toys and Gadgets.

Yes we know office is meant for work, but all work and no play isn't good for you and your company. You need to take a healthy break that is sure to improve your productivity.

Mushroom Pen: The Mushroom Pen on a plain sight looks like a decorative mushroom on your table and when you need a pen, you remove its top and it turns into a working pen. Buy Now.

Mushroom Pen
Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder: The Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder is perfect for holding your pencils and glasses, features bright red lips and the words "You're Spectacular". Buy Now.

Pencil Cup and Glasses Holder
Rocket Pen and Holder: The Rocket Pen and Holder comes complete with take off and landing base and is ready to take you to the Mars. Buy Now.

Rocket Pen and Holder
Fuut: Fuut is a mini hammock that you can tie below your desk and rest your feet and take a nap without leaving your desk and chair. Buy Now.

Desk Daisy Paperclip Clips and Holder: The petals are colorful paper clips that hold on to the magnets in the center of each flower. Buy Now.

Desk Daisy Paperclip Clips and HolderRubber Band Holder: An unusual way to build your collection of rubber bands with this cool rubber band holder. Buy Now.

Rubber Band HolderConcrete Cactus Lamp: The Concrete Cactus Lamp is a decorative lamp that comes in the shape of a cactus, its just the thing you need for adding a touch of fun to your workspace. Buy Now.

Concrete Cactus Lamp
Green Men Erasers: Now you can relax when you know you got the squad of six tiny green guys to wipe out any trace of mistakes on your paperwork. Buy Now.

Green Men Erasers
Hippo Paper Clips: These cute Hippo Paper Clips keep your papers together. Buy Now.

Hippo Paper Clips
Mighty King Kong Pencil and Eraser Set: The King Kong is here at the top of the Empire State Building pencil and can erase out any sized mistake. Buy Now.

Mighty King Kong Pencil and Eraser Set
Astronaut USB Light: The Astronaut USB Light is a USB powered light that comes in the form of an astronaut, works with laptops, computers and any other USB power source. To turn it on, just push the helmet and to turn it off, close the helmet. You can adjust the light to different angles to brighten needed areas. Buy Now.

Astronaut USB Light
Dart Push Pins: Do you like to play dart on the dartboard? These Dart Push Pins are perfect for holding your reminders, pictures, business cards, maps or notes. Buy Now.

Dart Push Pins

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