Sep 10, 2018

12 Coolest Icecube Trays For Your Summer Parties.

Do you agree presentation of food does play an important role? Maybe it has got nothing to do with the taste but it looks good, doesn't it. And when it comes to beverages then their temperature does play a great role, and when you have these coolest icecubes then it's double perfect.

Daleks and Tardis Icecube Tray: Remember Daleks the fictional extraterrestrial race who consider themselves as the superior and the rest unworthy of existence. And then we have Tardis the time machine that took Smith to various adventurous journeys across time and space. Now we have these as your icecubes to keep your beverages chilled. Buy Now.

Daleks and Tardis Icecube Tray
Starwars Themed Icecube Tray: Remember this armored space station from Starwars, that was created by the Empire to take care of those planets that don't fall in line with their dictates. Now it comes in the shape of an icecube for your beverage. You can make one cube at one go. Buy Now.

Starwars Themed Icecube Tray
Pineapple Icecube Tray: The Pineapple Icecube Tray gives you perfectly shaped pineapple icecubes for your beverage and that is sure to give the needed zing to it. Buy Now.

Pineapple Icecube Tray
Millennium Falcon Icecube Tray: The Millennium Falcon that took Captain Han Solo and Chewbacca to numerous adventurous journeys across galaxies is here for you now. The Millennium Falcon Icecube Tray makes two big Millennium Falcons for your beverage. Buy Now.

Millennium Falcon Icecube Tray
Soccer Ball Icecube Tray: The Soccer Ball Icecube Tray lets you create impeccable football shapes, just the thing you need for a perfect sports themed beverage for a sporting event. The football sits in your glass and keeps your beverage cooler for longer. It can make one ball at one go; don't be disappointed as it makes about 30-40 football spheres an hour. Buy Now.

Soccer Ball Icecube Tray
Octopus Icecube Tray: Have you ever eaten an octopus, no way, we aren't talking about eating a live octopus; we aren't the strong ones to do it. How about you? This Octopus Icecube Tray gives you 4 octopus-shaped icecubes at once for your beverages. Buy Now.

Octopus Icecube Tray
Fuji on the Rock Iceblock Maker: Having your favorite beverage on the top of mountain appeals to you? Well this Fuji on the Rock Iceblock Maker isn't going to teleport you nor is it designed for such. It forms iceblocks in shape of the mountain and that includes the iconic tip too. So next time you are set for your favorite beverage, have these mini versions of Mt. Fuji in your glass to get the right feel. Buy Now.

Fuji on the Rock Iceblock Maker
Bottle Icecube Tray: The Bottle Icecube Tray makes long and narrow icecubes that's more like a tube that easily passes through slim bottlenecks to keep beverages chilled for on-the-go enjoyment. Buy Now.

Bottle Icecube Tray
Sveres Jumbo Icecube Tray: The Sveres Jumbo Icecube Tray makes 6 jumbo icecubes, measuring 2.5" in diameter. It features built-in funnels that allow easy filling and a water fill line that makes the perfect ball every time. Its rubber bottoms allow easy removal of cubes that means no more twisting, or running under water. Buy Now.

Sveres Jumbo Icecube Tray
Star Trek Insignia Icecube Tray: The Star Trek Insignia Icecube Tray makes eight command insignia icecubes for your beverages. Buy Now.

Star Trek Insignia Icecube Tray
Han Solo in Carbonite Icecube Tray: Han Solo from Starwars needs no intro, perhaps you will know much more than us. The tray comes with room for six (6) small, 1.75" Han Solos and one (1) large, 3.5" Solo. Buy Now.

Han Solo in Carbonite Icecube Tray
Monos Polar Icecube Tray: The Monos Polar Icecube Tray lets you make a penguin and a polar bear icecube for your beverage. Buy Now.

Monos Polar Icecube Tray

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