Sep 12, 2018

12 Cutest Animal Themed Products.

You like animals but don't have the space, time or resources to have them? Then these cute animal themed products are just the thing you need.

Woof Bottle Opener: Dogs are man's best friend; and now this cute bottle opener comes in the shape of a dog to open your bottles, features a magnetic back that lets you place it to any metal surface. Buy Now.

Woof Bottle Opener
Moo Utensil Holder: The Moo Utensil Holder is a ceramic holder that holds your kitchen utensils and doubles as memo board for you to write short notes. Buy Now.

Moo Utensil Holder
Hippo Blanket Set: The Hippo Blanket Set consists of two pieces, the blanket that measures 30" x 36" and the animal security blanket is 14" x 14". This soft hippo security blanket is perfect for your kid and you can customize it with their name. Buy Now.

Hippo Blanket Set
3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp: The 3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp creates a 3D hologram effect that provides a gentle night light for kid's room. Buy Now.

3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp
Rabbit Hooded Towel: This cute Rabbit Hooded Towel is sure to give additional points in the cuteness of your kid. Buy Now.

Rabbit Hooded Towel
Fox Lamp: This cute little guy needs some space to stay in your home, and don't worry he wont go behind your neighbor's hens and is sure to look cute in your kid's room. Buy Now.

Fox Lamp
Deer Antlers Wall Hooks: These rustic deer antlers hooks are just the thing you need for keys, hats, leashes, towels, bathrobes, and more. Buy Now.

Deer Antlers Wall Hooks
Wooden Elephant Portable Speaker: The Wooden Elephant Speaker is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a 3.5 mm audiojack cable for connecting with non-Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also doubles as a mobile display stand. Buy Now.

Wooden Elephant Portable Speaker
Dragon Mail: You don't need to be a dragon master for having a dragon manage your mail. The "Zippy the Dragon" is here to catch your newspaper and to guard your mailbox as he did in the gone by era of castles. Buy Now.

Dragon Mail
Dinosaur Candle: Remember the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon'? Well with the Dinosaur Candle, you get your own dinosaur but you wont be able to train it as it is an adorable porcelain raptor that is revealed as the candle lights on. Buy Now.

Dinosaur Candle
Giraffe Nightlight: The Giraffe Nightlight is shaped like a cute giraffe, gives you 13 beautiful colors to choose from and is perfect for transforming your kid's bedroom into a calming sanctuary for a good night sleep. Buy Now.

Giraffe Nightlight
Dachshund Leather Bag: The Dachshund Leather Bag may even look like a real dog from a distance, features short legs, ears, and a tail. This cool dachshund shaped zip-up bag, can be worn on the shoulder or remove its leather strap and use it as a clutch. Buy Now.

Dachshund Leather Bag
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