Sep 7, 2018

12 Coolest Pokemon Themed Products.

Pokemon needs no intro, nor do we need to tell you a thing about them and we are sure instead you are better placed when it comes to tell a thing or two about them.

Pikachu Bookmark: Pikachu is an electric Pokemon who is loyal and trustworthy friend of Ash and now he comes to you to bookmark your favorite book. It's made from thin sheet steel, and is powder coated by yellow paint. Buy Now.

Pikachu Bookmark
Pokeball Soft Pillow: Pokeball is used by the trainers to catch Pokemon and later train them. And now this Pokeball comes as a soft pillow for you and don't worry it wont catch you we are sure, or may be on a second thought if you got any traits of a Pokemon. Just kidding.. Buy Now.

Pokeball Soft Pillow
Pokémon Jigglypuff Hooded Reversible Scarf: This Balloon Pokémon has large beautiful eyes and sings a pleasant song with its melodious voice which people around find hard but to fall asleep. Now who knows with this Jigglypuff scarf you too can sing people to sleep. It features embroidered ears on the hood and the reverse has a fun Jigglypuff design. Buy Now.

Pokémon Jigglypuff Hooded Reversible Scarf
Pokémon Light-up Pikachu Slippers: Whether you are a trainer or not but at the end of the day we all deserve to put our feet up and relax. And what can be better than these Pikachu Slippers. Just another thought, as these slippers light up when you step, hopefully you wont be singing happily pika pika and running around in your home. Buy Now.

Pokémon Light-up Pikachu Slippers
Pokeball Cat Dog Spacecraft: Pokeball allows the trainers to catch their Pokemon, and this Pokeball themed spacecraft lets you do the same with your dog and cat. Well not literally, it's a small portable box that lets you take your small four-legged friend along with you. Buy Now.

Pokeball Cat Dog Spacecraft
Pikachu Ears: If Pikachu's ears have always fascinated you, well you can have them too, these Pikachu ears measure 9 3/4 inches long and are sturdy on the head. Buy Now.

Pikachu Ears
Pikachu Dog Costume: The Pikachu Dog Costume is inspired by the character Pikachu from Pokemon Go, its adorable dog hoodie comes decorated with ears, eyes and tail. Hope this cool Pikachu Dog Costume makes your four-legged friend happy. Buy Now.

Pikachu Dog Costume
Pokemon Gadget Case: The Pokemon Gadget Case is just the thing you need for your handheld gamingsystem, smart phones, cameras, and more. Buy Now.

Pokemon Gadget Case
Pokemon Pokeball Metal Buckle: The Pokemon Pokeball Metal Buckle is a cool belt buckle that seems just the thing you need for cosplay. Buy Now.

Pokemon Pokeball Metal Buckle
Pokemon Apron with Pocket: The Pokemon Apron is sure to make you look awesome while you are busy cooking in the kitchen and you can be happy too to have Pokemon along with you to give you company. Buy Now.

Pokemon Apron with Pocket
Snorlax Cushion: Snorlax is a sleeping Pokémon that wakes only to eat and when it comes to sleep, location or convenience isn't much of a concern for him. He is seen sleeping in various inconvenient locations throughout Kanto. And now we have this cool Pokemon inspired Snorlax cushion to give you the much needed break and rest. Just follow the footprints of Snorlax, sleep, sleep and sleep just wake up to eat and again go back to sleep. Buy Now.

Snorlax Cushion
GO Bookmarks: GO Bookmarks are handcrafted, comes in set of 5, and seems to be more than eager to bury themselves into your books. Now you got to check their surroundings if there is any threat to them or is there any trainer around to catch them. Buy Now.

GO Bookmarks

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