Sep 5, 2018

12 Cute Bread Slice Themed Products.

For most of us bread is our breakfast and we needed to give a thought that bread slice themed products can be this cute until we came across these awesome products that can be a part of our daily life. Don't believe us? Have a look for yourself……

Mr. Litttle Bread Slice Lunchbox: Mr. Litttle Bread Slice LunchBox is just the lunch box you need for your kids lunch; its cute and keeps the lunch perfect and delicious. Buy Now.

Mr. Litttle Bread slice Lunchbox
Bread Slice Dog Tag: The Bread Slice Dog Tag is handmade, can be personalized, available in gold tone, silver tone and copper, just the thing you need for your puppy. Buy Now.

Bread Slice Dog Tag
Bread Slice Stickers: These Cute Buttery Toast Stickers feature adorable face emotions. Buy Now.

Bread Slice Stickers
Mrs. Little Bread Slice Enamel Lapel Pin: Mrs. Little Bread Slice Enamel Lapel Pin is a hard enamel-colored pin, with silver edge, just the thing you need to wear at a picnic, making breakfast, at the national sandwich day, or everyday. Buy Now.

Mrs. Little Bread Slice Enamel Lapel Pin
Toast Sliced Pillow: The Toast Sliced Pillow is made of thick plush, is extremely soft and comfortable, just the thing you need for your cat to take its nap or use it as a decoration in living room or kids playroom, and more. Buy Now.

Toast Sliced Pillow
Big Toast Sliced Pillow: The Big Toast Sliced Pillow is handmade, is soft and comfortable and what more its cuddly. Buy Now.

Big Toast Sliced Pillow
Toast Sliced Mousepad: How about using this cute Toast Sliced Mousepad instead of any other boring mousepad? Buy Now.

Toast Sliced Mousepad
Mrs. Little Bread Slice Backpack: Mrs. Little Bread Slice Backpack is the thing you need to keep your little one's things for kindergarten. Buy Now.

Mrs. Little Bread Slice Backpack
Bread Slice Coasters: The Bread Slice Coasters are made of cork material, comes with the plexyglass support for the best effect possible and are just the thing you need to amaze your friends and family with bread slices coasters. Buy Now.

Bread Slice Coasters
Bread Slice Keychain: This Happy Slice of Bread or should we say this blushing slice of bread is happy to hold your keys and keep them secure and organized. Buy Now.

Bread Slice Keychain
Bread Slice Napkin Holder: This cool wooden Bread Slice Napkin Holder consists of two slices of wood bread ready to make a napkin sandwich for you. Buy Now.

Bread Slice Napkin Holder
Bread Slice Cup Sleeve: The Bread Slice Cup Sleeve keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for longer duration of time while keeping your fingers at a comfortable temperature. Buy Now.

Bread Slice Cup Sleeve

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