Aug 8, 2018

12 Must Haves To Sleep Better While Traveling.

Sleep is really important to all of us, and when it comes to traveling its no different. You don't want to attend a business meet or go for outing half awake, do you? You need to arrive rested; so for you to sleep better while traveling we have these products that lets you nap while on the go. With these it becomes a lot easy for you to sleep and travel, rest efficiently, arrive and feel refreshed at your destination.

My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood: The My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood lets you create your personal space where you can have your privacy and have a nap while traveling. Buy Now.

My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood
GoSleep 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Set: The GoSleep 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Set is a perfect solution you need to have for sleeping while traveling. It consists of patented travel pillow and sleep mask set that prevents your head from bobbing, falling asleep on an airplane tray table or a stranger. The innovative mask blocks light, keeps your head in place using an elastic cord while the travel pillow fills the space behind the neck and promotes good posture. Buy Now.

GoSleep 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Set

Cardiff Wings: The Cardiff Wings makes sleeping on airplane a lot easier. These airplane headrests are fully adjustable, attaches to the seat with simple universalmount, and provides you lateral support and keeps your head and body upright and comfortably aligned in the seat as you sleep. It you are looking for a restful sleep on your flight; then this is for you. Buy Now.

Cardiff Wings

SilentMode Smart Eye Mask: The SilentMode Smart Eye Mask provides 100% darkness, eliminates visual distractions, features passive noise cancellation, works along with Breathonics, a patented audio training content that trains you to efficiently maximize the power of breathing. It also provides 360-degree comfort, lets you know when to nap, provides customized smart napping program and more. Buy Now.

SilentMode Smart Eye Mask

Voyage Pillow: The Voyage Pillow is a compact and versatile travel pillow that features 2 in 1 design that combines a travel pillow and eye mask. It comes filled with microbeads and you can customize the way you sleep - wear it over your eyes, around your neck, behind your head, or any other way you find comfortable. Buy Now.

Voyage Pillow

Wrap-a-Nap 360° Travel Pillow: The Wrap-a-Nap 360° Travel Pillow gives an ultra-soft sleep mask, cushy travel pillow and earmuff in one. It gives you 360 degrees of pillowy protection, lets you sleep anywhere in total darkness and muffled noise. Buy Now.

Wrap-a-Nap 360° Travel Pillow
Portable Travel Sleeping Headrest: The Portable Travel Sleeping Headrest is multifunctional; it can be used as a pillow, blinder, and more. It provides 360-degree support for your neck, head and eyes, with its elastic cord you can adjust its tightness. You can nap while you are on the plane, train or car. Buy Now.

Portable Travel Sleeping Headrest
Winged Travel Pillow: The Winged Travel Pillow is ultra portable, easily inflatable, and extra comfortable, just the thing you need for long flights. Buy Now.

Winged Travel Pillow

Trtl Travel Pillow: The Trtl Travel Pillow is super soft and holds your neck much better than a standard U-shaped travel pillow. Its half the size of U-Shaped travel pillow, weighs ½ lb, and just the thing you need for those long haul business flights, or are traveling the world one city at a time. Buy Now.

Trtl Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow: This Travel Pillow makes your air travel more comfortable. This compact device is easy to assemble, and lets you lean forward and sleep comfortably. Buy Now.

Travel Pillow
King Eye Mask Napping Pillow: The King Eye Mask Napping Pillow lets you take a nap anywhere; its back support cushions your neck while the comfortable front eye pillow blocks out light. You can use the pillow the other way round and use it to rest your head on your desk and take the much needed power nap. Buy Now.

King Eye Mask
Ostrich Pillow Original: The Ostrich Pillow Original is made of flexible fabric and filled with microballs, creates a little private space within a public one, and lets you take a cozy and comfortable power nap at ease. You need to slip the pillow over your head and place the central opening over your mouth and nose, while top two openings enable you to rest your hands. You can take a power nap comfortably without needing to leave your desk. Buy Now.

Ostrich Pillow Original

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