Aug 7, 2018

11 Must Have Copper Utensils.

We have come across few articles about health benefits of using copper utensils, but while during further search, it gave mixed results. So we aren't sure what to think of it. But we think we are pretty sure of one thing, copper is a heavy metal and excess intake of it can't be good for your health. Just one other thing, all types of food also won't go with the copper utensils, like citrus, yogurt, milk and more. So finally its your call to use these copper utensils or not.

Copper Cups: These Copper Cups are supposed to enhance the flavor of your beverage and keeps it cooler for longer time. Buy Now.

Copper Cups
Copper Pineapple Cup: The Copper Pineapple Cup is a 2-piece tumbler cup that comes with a removable top that can be inverted and used as a stand for serving your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Copper Pineapple Cup
Copper Glass: The Copper Glass is crafted from solid copper, keeps your beverage cooler for longer time; it measures 5" tall and holds 16 ounces. Buy Now.

Copper Glass
Mini Copper Glasses: These Mini Copper Glasses are made from copper, and comes coated with a food grade lacquer coating to last a lifetime. Buy Now.

Mini Copper Glasses
Copper Pineapple Shaped Shaker: This Copper Pineapple Shaped Shaker is a three-piece pineapple shaker, a perfect tool for shaking up delicious beverages. Buy Now.

Copper Pineapple Shaped Shaker
Copper Bottle: This copper bottle is made from copper, it can hold up to 1000 ml, its leakproof and watertight. Buy Now.

Copper Bottle
Copper Jug: The Copper Jug is made from copper, holds 1600 ml, and is just perfect for storing water. Buy Now.

Copper Jug
Copper Mini Glass Set: These mini glasses come in set of 4, holds 2oz, is handcrafted from copper, and you can customize it with names and more. Buy Now.

Copper Mini Glass Set
Copper Pitcher: The Copper Pitcher is made of thick copper (1mm) that makes it last for a long time, its handmade, holds 2 liters and its handle is brass. Buy Now.

Copper Pitcher
Copper Sauce Pan: This Copper Sauce Pan is vintage, measures almost 10 and 1/8 inches wide with its handles, 5 and 3/8 inches tall without the cover and almost 7 and 5/8 inches in diameter and its 3 quarts. Buy Now.

Copper Sauce Pan
Copper Soup Pan: The Copper Soup Pan comes with brass handles and is just the thing you need for your farmhouse style kitchen. Buy Now.

Copper Soup Pan

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