Aug 22, 2018

11 Must Have Car Air Purifier If You Want To Stay Health.

Did you know that an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving, that comes out to be 50 plus hours a month and 600 hours per annum. We aren't making up these figures; these come from a study done by the Harvard Health Watch. Have you ever given it a thought that air circulating inside your car is only as clean as the air on the street or to be precise the exhaust from the car in front. Even with your windows closed and the air conditioning on, your cabin air filters wont be of much use here as it can only remove small particles and not the harmful gases in the air. We do spend lots of our time traveling in our cars, so why don't we do what we can to stay healthy? Least we can invest in a good car air purifier to breathe cleaner air in your car. With these car air purifiers you can take deep breath of fresh air every time in your car.

Purifu Car Air Purifier: The Purifu Car Air Purifier is a compact device that plugs into the outlet in your car and cleans and purifies the air in your car. Don't go by its size, its highly effective, and works in just seconds. What more you don't need to worry about replacing the filter as it lasts for years. Buy Now.

Purifu Car Air Purifier
Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier: With Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier you can say goodbye to smell and odors and the other unwanted particles in the air. It comes with 3-stage filtration process that removes up to 99 percent impurities in the air - gases, odors, dust, pollen, pethair, and other particles. It comes with healthy air indicator to indicate current air-quality, it can be placed in various locations in your car as per your requirement as it includes 13ft 12V power cable and attachments. Its simple to use, comes with automatic switch on/off, filter replacement indicator, and 2 speeds. Buy Now.

Philips GoPure Compact Car Air Purifier
Airbubbl Air Purifier: The Airbubbl has been proven to remove over 95% of the key unwanted particles inside your car within 10 minutes. It draws air in through its proprietary re-engineered nano carbon filter, before effectively giving clean air to you and your passengers to breathe. It creates a bubble of clean air inside your car that protects you and your family from unhealthy air. Its filter is most effective across 800 hours of driving. Buy Now.

Airbubbl Air Purifier
FRiEQ Car Air Purifier: The FRiEQ Car Air Purifier is another compact device that plugs into the outlet in your car and releases 4.8 million negativeions per cm³ in your car to improve the air quality. Buy Now.

FRiEQ Car Air Purifier
AirOasis: The AirOasis is a compact air sanifier that features energy-efficient technology that cleans the air up to 250 square feet. This mobile unit can be used in car, bedroom, plane, and more. Buy Now.

Philips GoPure SlimLine 230 Car Air Purifier: The GoPure SL 230 eliminates 99% of unwanted particles and more up to 0.3 ┬Ám using its three layers SelectFilter, cleans the air in your car for you and your passengers to breathe healthy air. It measures air quality in real time and indicates it on its display, features automatic on/off, filter replacement indicator and automatic filtration performance regulation. Buy Now.

Philips GoPure SlimLine 230 Car Air Purifier
DR301 Air Purifier: The DR301 Air Purifier is a compact air purifier that works by plugging into cars 12v DC outlet, features triple air filtering, two-speed adjustment, and built in air detection and light display. Buy Now.

DR301 Air Purifier
Luft Qi: Luft Qi is a small, filterless air purifier that uses nanotechnology and improves air quality around you, anytime, anywhere. Buy Now.

Luft Qi Air Purifier
Solar Power Air Purifier: Most of us spend lots of our time traveling in our cars, and the quality of air does matter here. The Solar Power Air Purifier is just the thing one needs to have for healthy air. Buy Now.

Solar Power Air Purifier
Cup Humidifier: This Portable Cup Humidifier features 4-in-1 design, its a air humidifier, air purifier, aromadiffuser and colorful night light. Buy Now.

Cup Humidifier
Car Air Purifier: Car Air Purifier improves the air quality in your car by removing unwanted odors, smell, dust and more. It lets you breathe clean air only while traveling to and from your residence and office. Its simple to install, just plug it into the 12-v outlet. Buy Now.

Car Air Purifier

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