Aug 23, 2018

12 Must Have Bookcases For Those Who Like their Books.

If you are an avid reader or for that matter someone like us who values their paperback and hardcover books in the era of smart devices then we are sure you are definitely going to have a look at these bookcases. These days most of the books, novels, magazines, and newspapers are readily available on our smart devices, but what about those books which we grew up reading, aren't those books which gave us wild imaginations, took to fantasy worlds, offered us various heroic roles to play and lot more. Do you agree that what we read does have a strong influence on us? If yes, then we are sure you would like to keep your favorite books organized and what can be better than these bookcases we got for you.

Beverly Modern Bookcase: A beautiful range of furniture brings stylish living into any home and when it comes to Beverly Modern Bookcase, it perfectly blends with any style of home d├ęcor. Its finished with a sleek white melamine coating, while its natural tones will complement any interior color scheme while bringing harmony and style to your room. Its each shelf has a suggested weight of up to 20 lbs of your favorite books, pictures, and ornaments. It's just the thing you need for your living room or home office for storing and organizing books, DVD's, CD's, and more. Its made with compressed engineered wood for strength and durability and measures width: 49'' x height: 59'' x depth: 9''. Buy Now.

Beverly Modern Bookcase
Leaning Shelves: The Leaning Shelves is the creation of designer, Deger Cengiz, its made out of reclaimed redwood that comes from a dismantled water tower in New York. It allows you to place various sized books in its various shelves as per your requirement. The picture here showcases multiple units of this product, and each of its unit measures w 12" x d 12" x h 78". Buy Now.

Leaning Shelves
Random Bookcase: The Random Bookcase is sure going to be a great addition to your home, its made of 6mm thick medium density wood fiberboard, back of melamine-coated board (thickness 10mm) and in micro goffered white or black lacquer. These shelves are placed into the backs through concealed dovetailslots. It's ready for wall attachment and measures 81.6cm w x 25cm d x 216.3cm h (32.1" w x 9.8" d x 85.1" h). Buy Now.

Random Bookcase
Robox Shelving Unit: The Robox Shelving Unit is a man-sized robot anthropomorphic bookshelf that animates the space it occupies, and what more, its exactly the same height as the designer who created it. It measures w 31" x d 12.2" x h 72.5". Buy Now.

Robox Shelving Unit
Tess Tree Bookcase: The Tess Tree Bookcase is a tree shaped bookcase that lets you get a part of nature right into your room. The shelves of this bookcase are placed to represent the branches, giving the appearance that the books are tilted at exciting angles. It measures 239cm x 55cm x 221cm and depth 24.5cm. Buy Now.

Tess Tree Bookcase
Tabletop Bookcase: The Tabletop Bookcase lets you showcase your favorite books right on your tabletop or shelf top. It features an angled base to keep the books and an adjustable book stop so books remain upright. Buy Now.

Tabletop Bookcase
Tree Bookcase: The Tree Bookcase is a handmade and made to order Tree Inspired Bookshelf that lets you bring functional art inspired by nature into your home. It measures 31 cm*17 cm*40.5 cm. Just one other thing, we had a hard time figuring it out, how does this look like a tree, the shelves are slanted and are supposed to be considered as branches? Buy Now.

Tree Bookcase
Teebooks Bookshelves: The Teebooks Bookshelves is a modular wall bookcase system that lets you organize your books while it creates an illusion of your favorite books being floating in mid air. It consists of 6 grey wall shelves, lets you arrange your books, CDs or DVDs. Its just the thing you need to give your most cherished books a nice home, showcase your endless collection of movies and books on your wall. The shelf measures 17 x 6 x 3.5 Inches 6 inch deep, 6 inch high, 23,5 inch long, and weighs 7 lbs. Buy Now.

Teebooks Bookshelves
Fishbone Shelf: Fishbone is a modular shelf that resembles herring fishbones and can be arranged in a variety of ways. You can place these at 45 or 90 degrees, in pairs or in multiple combinations to decorate your walls with practicality. Buy Now.

Fishbone Shelf
Kartell Bookworm Shelf: The Kartell Bookworm Shelf is a curvy, flexible bookcase that assumes any desired shape, limited only by your personal creativity. It combines flexibility and superior durability allowing approximately 21 lbs between each support. Buy Now.

Kartell Bookworm Shelf
Superman Bookshelf: The Superman Bookshelf is a beautiful bookcase that's shaped like the symbol 'S' of Superman. The bookshelf comes with multiple shelves for organizing your books and is sure to be an attention seeker for your guests. More info.

Superman Bookshelf
Paperback Shelf: The Paperback Shelf is made of 1.5 mm sheet steel that is folded into a stable shape, comes with hardly any visible support and is perfect for your favorite books. Buy Now.

Paperback Shelf

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