Aug 2, 2018

12 Must Have Gadgets That Make Air Travel Easy.

There are billions of people who travel on airplanes every year, whether it's a business, or weekend getaway, all of us need to travel. And these gadgets what we have for you are sure to make your travel a lot comfortable and easier. Don't believe us, if you are a first time reader, then check it out yourself and do leave a comment of what you think……..

spAirTray Travel Shelf: Like any other industry the aviation industry always wants to increase profits for the airlines which means lesser, smaller chairs and more passengers. What more, we even read that there is a new standing-up airplane seat design that is in pipeline. So lets get back to our airplane tray; it gives you 33% more usable space on most commercial airline window seats. It's easy to install and gets you organized, you get space to place smartphones, eyeglasses, e-reading devices, beverages, snacks, and more. And when you are done just place it into your briefcase, laptop case, backpack, etc. Buy Now.

spAirTray Travel Shelf
Airplane Foot Hammock: The Airplane Footrest is designed to make your long flights a lot more comfortable. Its lightweight, features adjustable straps, can be attached to tray table and you can place your legs and gently sway to relax. Buy Now.

Airplane Foot Hammock
Trtl Travel Pillow: The Trtl Travel Pillow is super soft and holds your neck much better than a standard U-shaped travel pillow. Its half the size of U-Shaped travel pillow, weighs ½ lb, and just the thing you need for those long haul business flightS, or are traveling the world one city at a time. Buy Now.

Trtl Travel Pillow
BagTag Electronic Luggage Label: Air travel is good, it saves you lots of time compared to other modes of transportation but those waiting lines take out all the fun and added to that are TSA agents. If you don't ever want to wait in line to check in on your luggage then BagTag Electronic Luggage Label is for you. You can update the label from your home, hotel or just about anywhere and it allows you to check in via the app. It's working for all passengers flying Swiss, Austrian and Lufthansa airlines. Buy Now.

BagTag Electronic Luggage Label
PaQ Luggage Packing Companion: Air travel is fun or for that matter any travel that gives you a break from your mundane life is fun. But with travel comes packing; if you are a backpacker then its all together a different ballgame. You don't want to end up with your shampoo leaking all over your packed clothes, its sure going to take out all the fun you planned for. And this is where the Paq Luggage Packing Companion comes in picture. All you need to do is spread PaQ over the content in your suitcase, press the big yellow button (or use its app) and PaQ will auto-inflate until the bag is filled, resulting in a tight cushion. Its cushion holds and protects everything in your suitcase together. What more it also gives you a notification when your luggage arrives at the conveyer belt, so no more standing and waiting for it. Pre-order.

PaQ Luggage Packing Companion

Micro Lazy Luggage: The Micro Lazy Luggage is a suitcase, trolley and kids buggy combined in one, this practical travel-gadget is a must have if you are traveling with kids. With this around, you can lose of stroller, as kids can ride on it and you can pull it with one hand, leaving the other handfree. Buy Now.

Micro Lazy Luggage
Awakening Mask: The Awakening Mask is a portable energy mask that gives you energy whenever you wear it, just the thing you need to deal with jet lag. It's a natural, healthy alternative to energy beverage. Buy Now.

Awakening Mask
Mesay 2.0 Two-Way AI Translator: During your international flight there is no use of this translator as we are of the understanding that the flight attendant needs to be fluent in local language and English. But what about once you are out of the aircraft into the airport? This is where the Mesay 2.0 Two-Way AI Translator plays its role; its capable of translating 16 languages, in no more than a second and guarantees 97% translation accuracy. It supports 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and works as a hotspot for your other gadgets. Buy Now.

Mesay 2.0 Two-Way AI Translator

Garmin inReach Mini: The Garmin inReach Mini is a compact satellite communicator that gives you global connectivity into your palm. It lets you send and receive text messages even if you go off-grid. It also lets you track and share your journey. Buy Now.

Garmin inReach Mini
Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow: A travel pillow is must if you want to rest your head on a prolong travel and this cute elephant unzips into a travel pillow and when not in use place it on your suitcase or backpack. Buy Now.

Zip and Flip Elephant Travel Pillow
Winged Travel Pillow: The Winged Travel Pillow is ultra portable, easily inflatable, and extra comfortable, just the thing you need for long flights. Buy Now.

Winged Travel Pillow

iPad Air Travel Stand: The iPad Air Travel Stand is designed for your air travel; its adjustable, 360 degree rotation, features a folding design that makes it perfect for in-flight pocket or table tray use. Buy Now.

iPad Air Travel Stand

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