Jul 14, 2018

12 Must Have Gadgets For Road Travel With Babies And Kids.

Road travel can be fun, but when you have family and kids along, you got to have travel gear that keeps them comfortable.

Roadie Hammock Stand: Roadie Hammock Stand uses the wheels of your car to stay secure and gives you a place to relax. Its simple to set up, has 400 lb capacity and features a portable design. Buy Now.

Roadie Hammock Stand
Lugabug: Lugabug is kid's travel chair that provides an exciting way to cruise through the airport without falling behind or getting tired feet. It attaches to your suitcase in seconds without taking up extra space. It's recommended for kids 2 years and up with a weight limit of 70 lbs. Buy Now.

Lalabu Babywearing Shirts: Lalabu Babywearing Shirts are perfect for new parents who want to hold their baby close to them comfortably and safely. The Lalabu shirts are available for dads and moms. Buy Now.

Lalabu Babywearing Shirts

Iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle: This self-warming baby bottle warms 6 oz of milk to 98.6F in 4 minutes and it remains warm for up to 30 minutes. This bottle can heat itself on the go, making things a lot easier for you. Buy Now

Iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle
Car Seat Bag Storage: The Car Seat Bag Storage is crafted using waterproof fabric, features different sized pockets for various things: water bottles, smart phones, books, pens, umbrellas, and more. Buy Now.

Car Seat Bag Storage
Modobag: Modobag is a motorized, rideable luggage that gets you to your destination 3x faster than walking. It has a max speed of 8 mph, and range of 8 miles. It features GPRS-GSM real-time tracking, proximity alert, dual USB recharging ports, dual wheel braking system and more. It recharges to 80% in minutes. Buy Now.

Modobag motorized rideable luggage

Foldable Sunshade: Temperature rises greatly when you park your car outdoors without any shade, and it does take time to cool the interiors again. To make things a bit easy we have for you Foldable Sunshade, when not in use just fold it off. Buy Now.

Foldable Sunshade
Viotek Heating and Cooling Car Seat Cushion: Now enjoy the luxury of comfortable seating in your car the way it's available in super luxury cars. The Heating and Cooling Car Seat Cushion makes your long drives more comfortable. Buy Now.

Viotek Heating and Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Bucklebee: Bucklebee makes unbuckling the car seat easy for kids. Buy Now.


Wireless Automatic Car Tent: Do you prefer a shady place for parking your car during a summer day? If yes, please read on. The Lanmodo is an All-in-One Wireless Automatic Car Tent that automatically folds and unfolds with a remote control and provides protection to your car from various elements, it keeps your car cool. It transforms into a beach umbrella when you use it with an extra camping stand. It also transforms into camping tent for up to 7 people, and features a USB port on the car tent, that allows you to recharge your device or plug in lights. The car tent structure is made of fiberglass, installs in about 30 seconds, and its open process takes 8 seconds. Buy Now.

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

Foldable Backpack Chair: The Foldable Backpack Chair comes with a chair that's perfect for resting while hiking, traveling or camping. This backpack with a built-in seat gives you a comfortable seating option than sitting on the ground, stairs, or stones. The backpack has all things you expect of a backpack, like multiple pockets, holds 16" notebook, has a capacity of 47 liters, is waterproof, measures 35 x 27 x 50cm and weighs 1200g. The chair measures 30 x 27 x 29cm, and can take load up to 100kgs. Buy Now.

Foldable Backpack Chair
PackPillow: PackPillow is your outdoor pillow, seat cushion, stuff-sack and summit pack that makes it the best backpacking pillow. Its comfortable, lightweight, and durable; when not is use you can reverse it to protect its face-friendly fabric and expose the waterresistant ripstop nylon for you to use as a seat cushion. It comes with 6-liters of internal space; comfortably holds water bottles, food, and clothing layers. It also features a hole for your hydration pack and tube. It's specially designed to conform to the shape of your backpack while functioning as a stuff sack. Pre-order.


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