Jul 9, 2018

12 Must Have Outdoor Inflatable Seating.

Outdoors can be fun, but seating can be an issue. Now to let you enjoy your outdoor adventures with comfort and style, we have these outdoor inflatable seating ideas; these feature space saving design so wont increase your luggage. If you are looking for air sofa, air bag, inflatable lounger look no further we have all these at one place for you.

Inflatable Outdoor Air Beanbag: This Inflatable Outdoor Air Beanbag is compact, lightweight, and easy to take along, and comes along with a bag. To use it just catch some air in it and lock it off. Its waterproof, so use it as a beanbag or a sofa; its your call. Buy Now.

Inflatable Outdoor Air Beanbag
Inflatable Beach Lazy Bag: The Inflatable Beach Lazy Bag is a portable air bag, made from nylon fabric, its soft, lightweight and easy to take along. Can handle up to 100 kgs, can be used outdoors and indoors. It's easy and simple to use, just catch some air in it and lock it off. Buy Now.

Inflatable Beach Lazy Bag
Inflatable Air Lounge: The LayBag Inflatable Air Lounge is just the inflatable couch you need for your outdoors. It's made from super strong nylon fabric, can be used in hardest conditions, and lets you perfectly relax anywhere. Its simple to use, needs two scoops of air to get you started. Its light weight, easy to take along, and inflates in seconds. Buy Now.

Inflatable Air Lounge
Beach7 AirLounge XL: If you are among those who have a large circle of friends and like outdoor parties, the Beach7 AirLounge XL is just the thing for you. It comfortably seats up to 30 guests, and inflates in just 10 minutes using a 100-watt air pump. It also features a detachable 96" diameter ottoman. Buy Now.

Beach7 AirLounge XL
Trono Camping Chair: The Trono Camping Chair inflates in just 3 seconds, can easily hold up to 150kg, and is specifically designed to maximize comfort. It features triple-coated nylon parachute fabric, comes with a quality interchangeable suede cover and weighs just about 1.7 lbs making it compact and lightweight to take along anywhere. Buy Now.

Trono Camping Chair
Inflatable Lounger: The Fatboy Lamzac is a comfortable seat or sofa for two that can be set up in few seconds. Its large and comfy, easily inflates and deflates, and can be taken along anywhere you want. Its lightweight, uses 100% ripstop nylon material, weighs 2.6 lbs, holds up to 440 lbs., and is just the thing for your outdoor adventures. Buy Now.

Inflatable Lounger
Gaboss Inflatable Lounger: The Gaboss Inflatable Lounger is compact, lightweight, and easy to take along, comes along with a bag. To use it just catch some air in it and lock it off. Buy Now.

Gaboss Inflatable Lounger
Inflatable Lounge: The Intex Splash Inflatable Lounge comes with reinforced bottom, waterproof flocked top, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Buy Now.

Inflatable Lounge
ZloungeAir Inflatable Lounger: The ZloungeAir Inflatable Lounger features 210T Nylon ripstop to withstand tough conditions, can withstand 450lbs, inflates and deflates in seconds, floats on water, and features a side pocket with 2-storage spaces. It's just the thing for your outdoor adventures. Buy Now.

ZloungeAir Inflatable Lounger
Vansky Inflatable Lounger: The Vansky Inflatable Lounger lets you rest outdoors in comfort and style. It features a unique square shaped headrest design, 3 functional side pockets, is lightweight, and stays inflated for 5+ hours. Buy Now.

Vansky Inflatable Lounger
Inflatable Lounger: The Chillbo Baggins 2.0 Inflatable Lounger is available in choice of 12 color combos, supports up to 400 lbs, is lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate. Buy Now.

Inflatable Lounger
Pocket Chair: The PocketCouch Pocket Chair is designed to be shorter in length to provide comfortable seating for one person, features inflatable cushion that buttons in (or out). It provides the same comfort of a beanbag chair but much easier to get in and out of. Its waterproof, weighs about 1.5 lbs and is perfect for your outdoor adventures. Buy Now.

Pocket Chair

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