Jul 7, 2018

12 Must Have Awesome Lamps To Spice Up Your Home Décor.

We do need light during darkness, right? We can even have standard bulbs fitted in sockets, if we are looking for the source of light that won't look good, would they? We don't want light that are basic but these light sources should be the one that increase the aesthetic value of your home. So to suit your home décor and your taste we tried to get these awesome lamps hoping you may like them.

Unusual Desk Lamp: This Unusual Desk Lamp comes with equally unusual shaped remote control, when turned off using the remote control the light goes out and the lampshade knocks to the side, and when turned on the lampshade rises up slowly and the light turns back on. Buy Now.

Unusual Desk Lamp
Elephant Desk Lamp: This cute Elephant Night Light is just the thing you need for your kids room. It features touch control, three light modes and is rechargeable. It's designed to create an impression as if the elephant is spraying the water in the air, surely kids are going to like this one. Buy Now.

Elephant Desk Lamp
Book Rest Lamp: Smartphones and smart devices have made this a lot easy when it comes to even reading books or novels. But if you are among those who still enjoy reading hardcover and paperbacks then this Book Rest Lamp is sure to impress you. The Book Rest Lamp is shaped like a house, provides a soft light, perfect to read by and when you are done use it as a page marker, just rest your book on top and never lose your place. Buy Now.

Book Rest Lamp
Folding Book Light: The Folding Book Light looks like a book, its USB rechargeable, provides up to 4 hours of light on a single recharge. Buy Now.

Folding Book Light
Whale Table Lamp: The Whale Table Lamp makes a perfect nightlight for kid's bedroom. The lamp provides a warm soft glow to the room and the lightning creates a silhouette of a cute little animal. It's made of a solid all natural piece of wood, is lightweight and portable. Its available in wired and wireless options and comes in various animal shapes. These cute animal lamps are just the thing you need to keep the fears of dark at bay in your kid's bedroom. Buy Now.

Whale Table Lamp
Rocket Desk Lamp: The Rocket Desk Lamp is another cute lamp for your kid's bedroom. It functions as a night light or a flashlight, features a touch switch to control the brightness, and its USB rechargeable. Buy Now.

Rocket Desk Lamp
Hatha Desk Lamp: The Hatha Desk Lamp is an exquisite combination of rubber and zinc alloy metal, allows you to adjust the lamp at different angles and height to meet various needs. It provides sufficient brightness for reading use, and reaches high light efficiency. Buy Now.

Hatha Desk Lamp
Heng Balance Lamp: The Heng Balance Lamp is a desk lamp with a twist, instead of having a standard switch or touch control to power it on, it features tow magnetic balls to control it. All you need to do is lift the lower magnetic ball and it will be attracted to the above ball and switches on the light. It's perfect for the study, bedroom, and more. Buy Now.

Heng Balance Lamp
Zhe Table Lamp: The Zhe Table Lamp is inspired by a type of wood while the light's metal lampshade is welded by hand to mimic a cluster of rocks. Buy Now.

Zhe Table Lamp
DIY Bottle Lamp: The DIY Bottle Lamp is just the thing you need to bring some warm atmosphere in your home. Its USB rechargeable and you can change the color with your fingers touching it directly. Buy Now.

DIY Bottle Lamp
Wood Moon Desk Lamp: Do you remember ever reading in classic novels that 'I will fetch stars and moon for you', when we all know its impractical and only sounds good in theory. But well with this Wood Moon Desk Lamp you can have some respite. It provides soft and comforting natural light. Buy Now.

Wood Moon Desk Lamp
Bird Tree Desk Lamp: To make our lives comfortable we have gone too far away from the nature, and this Bird Tree Desk Lamp is a try to bring back a part of nature into your room. Buy Now.

Bird Tree Desk Lamp

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