Jul 13, 2018

12 Must Have Fruit Baskets For Your Dining Table.

Eating fruits are healthy, but how many of us really eat it or for that matter go to fridge and take it? Wont it be good if you can place the fruits right on the dining table where its easily visible and accessible to all?

Foldable Fruit Basket: The Foldable Fruit Basket is just the thing you need to hold your fruits, it features a space saving design, when not in use just fold it off. Buy Now.

Foldable Fruit Basket
Rotation Fruit Bowl: The Rotation Fruit Bowl opens up itself to create a 15" in diameter and 10" high, you can keep your fruits in it, while its open design lets the fruits breathe and keeps them fresh longer. When not in use it easily folds away for easy storage. Buy Now.

Rotation Fruit Bowl
Iron Fruit Basket: The Iron Fruit Basket has classic touch with durable construction to withstand daily use. Buy Now.

Iron Fruit Basket
Bloom Fruit Baskett: The Bloom Fruit Basket comes from Japan, is based on the kyouwagasa, a handmade oilpaper umbrella, its smart and fun. Perfect for fruits, bread and other things, place it on your dining table, kitchen counter, or shelf. Buy Now.

Bloom Fruit Basket
BAOBAB Fruit Basket: The BAOBAB Fruit Basket is a decorative fruit basket, made from metal and is powder coated, perfect for your kitchen or dining area. Buy Now.

BAOBAB Fruit Basket
Cactus Fruit Bowl: The Alessi Cactus Fruit Bowl is not your everyday fruit bowl, it features an attractive fretwork pattern, mirror polish, and is great for table displays. Buy Now.

Cactus Fruit Bowl
Pi Basket: The Pi Basket is a cool stainless steel bowl that lets you get a bit of mathematical wit to your table. Buy Now.

Pi Basket
Cutaway Fruit Bowl: The Cutaway Fruit Bowl is a ceramic bowl that lets you bring a playful surreal surprise to ordinary settings. Buy Now.

Cutaway Fruit Bowl
Loop-De-Loop Bowl: The Loop-De-Loop Bowl is made from a single piece of chromed steel wire and lets you bring sculptural element to your table while serving a functional purpose. Buy Now.

Loop-De-Loop Bowl
Satellite Bowl: The Satellite Bowl features a geometric design that gracefully unfolds into a basin for fruit and more. Buy Now.

Satellite Bowl
Wire Baskets: The Wire Baskets feature a rustic, country style design, gives you a set of three baskets, large, medium and small for your daily needs. Buy Now.

Wire Baskets
Spectrum Sierra Banana Holder: The Spectrum Sierra Banana Holder keeps bananas off the counter to ripen more evenly whiles its wooden base protects the surfaces. Buy Now.

Spectrum Sierra Banana Holder

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