Jul 6, 2018

12 Must Have Decorative Flower Vases For Your Living Room.

The first thing that came to me while writing this post is 'where do you place the flower vase in your home, or how to decorate a flower vase at home? Lets be frank here, I am not into much of home décor and may be that's the reason as far as I'm concerned these go into your living room. Though a few I have seen on dining tables and in bathrooms, well its your home and your vase so its your call where to place them to make your home more beautiful, all we can do is suggest and guide you…….

Loop Flower Vase: The Loop Flower Vase takes its inspiration from the Fibonacci curve and the chromed steel wire used for makes this minimal flower vase into an elegant, simple and unique one from every angle. Well its up to you to use it individually or interlinked to create a cluster, just like the Loop Candelabra. It comes with a high quality artificial lily and a removable water tube for easy refilling. Buy Now.

Loop Flower Vase
Astronaut Flower Vase: Space the final frontier, sounds familiar? Has ever space intrigued you, did you ever stare at the open sky and wondered what lies in those far away galaxies? The Starman vase is made of white porcelain to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man to set foot on the moon. The astronaut's visor is characterized by peculiar gilding with a vintage effect. It's just the thing you need to decorate your table. Buy Now.

Astronaut Flower Vase
Rubber Ovale Vases: Everyone goes in for delicate and elegant vases, how about you? Are you like everyone else or you can and want to stand above the rest? These Rubber Ovale Vases aren't your regular vases, these have a kind of rough textured finish that can go in your home and give a fresh and different look only if you opt for them. The set includes three rubber vases of varying sizes. Buy Now.

Rubber Ovale Vases
Hanabunko Flower Vase: Don't know about you guys, but I got books right in my living room and I feel good whenever I look at them. Now if only I can place a flower right in between those books then don't you think it would look really nice? When we have this Hanabunko Flower Vase that looks like any other regular book, you can make a flower stand up comfortably right between the books on your shelf. It works as a vase to decorate your library and as a divider to organize your favorites. Buy Now.

Hanabunko Flower Vase
Carrie Vase: If you lose of the flowers from this vase, doesn't it look like a classic lantern silhouette? That's what I thought when I had a first look at this Carrie Vase, when its said to be a vase it has to be a vase irrespective of what we think. This simple yet stylish vase features a dramatic built-in handle; powder coated steel base and a grip. Its available in either black or white, suitable for both use indoors and outdoors and can be used for candles, flowers, potpourri, or whatever your want. Buy Now.

Carrie Vase
Concrete Brogue Vase: Flower vases that come in the shape of shoes? A really different and cool take from Smithers of Stamford. These unusual cement ornaments are for those who want something different than the usual stuff. Buy Now.

Concrete Brogue Vase
Collect Vases: The Collect Vases are made of ceramic with soft rubber paint, can be used one by one or you can use them together. Buy Now.

Collect Vases
Factory Vase: The chimney of this Factory Vase holds your flowers, it's a subtle reminder of what we don't see in a really factory in an engaging and eye-catching form. Buy Now.

Factory Vase
Florino Flower Vase: The Florino is quite a character; features flexible parts, you can place him however you want, just fill him up with water, place some flowers, and he will brighten your décor. Buy Now.

Florino Flower Vase
Geometric Vase: The Geometric Vase is sure to bring aesthetic and classic elegance to your home. This abstract metal vase will ensure that your flowers never go unnoticed. Buy Now.

Geometric Vase
Swagvase: It is a beautiful combination of steel and aluminum, the aluminum creates the waves while the stainless steel holds the pieces together, and the beads create a beautiful contrast against the satin finish of the metal. Buy Now.

Swag Vase
Magnetic Vases: These Magnetic Vases are tall, thin and elegant, comes in set of 5, can be fixed by 5 bases that are hidden underneath the tablecloth. Perfect for both real and artificial flowers, available in four black and one gold in each pack. Buy Now.

Magnetic Vases

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