Jul 24, 2018

12 Coolest Candles For Your Home.

Collection of food and fruits themed candles that are sure to give a special touch to your home are here.

Ramen Alley Noodles Candle: The Ramen Alley Noodles Candle is a miniature version of Japanese noodles that features a ramen soup bowl complete with chopsticks, noodles, corn, Welsh onion, a shrimp and a naruto kamaboko, a round slice of steamed fish paste. Don't get tempted to eat it. Buy Now.

Ramen Alley Noodles Candle
Citrus Candles: The Citrus Candles consists of 2 candles, and these look like real lemons. Buy Now.

Citrus Candles
Nissin Cup Noodle Candle: The Nissin Cup Noodle Candle is an instant ramen design candle that looks tasty and delicious. Its topping features shrimps, peas and various other flavor bits and the cup comes with a cover that you can peel off. Buy Now.

Nissin Cup Noodle Candle
Cupcake Candle: The Cupcake Candle is a life size cupcake candle, made with soy wax, measures about 2 ½ in tall and weighs about 4oz. Buy Now.

Cupcake Candle
Mt. Fuji Candle: How about having your own miniature Mt. Fuji (or "Fuji-san" for the Japanese) right on your coffee table, shelf or mantelpiece? Sounds interesting? Well this Mt. Fuji Candle is just the thing you need, what more it even gives out cherry blossom fragrance. Buy Now.

Mt. Fuji Candle
Kurokan Cat Food Can Candle: The Kurokan Cat Food Can Candle is based on a famous brand of cat food in Japan. At first glance it looks just like a regular can of food, once you open up the can, you can see a small wick. Buy Now.

Kurokan Cat Food Can Candle
Blueberry Pie Candle: The Blueberry Pie Candle looks so mouthwatering and even has right aroma down to the blueberry filling that you'll want to eat it but you cant. When you light it, your rooms is going to be filled with aroma of freshly baked blueberry pie. Buy Now.

Blueberry Pie Candle
Sushi Candles: The Sushi Candles are four pieces of Japanese cuisine that looks real and is sure to give a special kind of look to your home. Buy Now.

Sushi Candles
Kiwi Candles: The Kiwi Candles look like the real fruit but you can't eat them, these are handmade kiwi candles. Buy Now.

Kiwi Candles
Bento Lunchbox Candle: The Bento Lunchbox Candle looks like a miniature Japanese lunch box, half of the lunch box is filled with realistically made rice and the other half with an assortment of delicacies. Buy Now.

Bento Lunchbox Candle
Miso Soup Candle: The Miso Soup Candle is a Japanese food design candle that comes in a real ceramic cup and with extreme attention to details; it only lacks the aroma and the taste. Buy Now.

Miso Soup Candle
Sushi Teacup Candle: The Sushi Teacup Candle is a Japanese tea cup-shaped candle that comes in a real ceramic yunomi and green tea scented, it feels and smells like the real thing. Buy Now.

Sushi Teacup Candle

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