Jun 11, 2018

15 Must Have Salt Holders For Your Dining Table.

No meal is complete without salt and these salt holders are just the thing to make a perfect meal.

Spicebarrow Salt Holder: The Spicebarrow Salt Holder is just the thing you need for salt around your table. You can even use it for pepper, oregano or other spices. Buy Now.

Spicebarrow Salt Holder
Culinarium Salt and Spice Pinch Bowl: The Culinarium Salt and Spice Pinch Bowl is a concrete salt bowl that's sure to look great in your kitchen or tabletop. Buy Now.

Culinarium Salt and Spice Pinch Bowl
Ceramic Salt Cellar: The Ceramic Salt Cellar features a white glazed interior and unglazed exterior for a rustic look and is perfect for keeping salt in reach. Buy Now.

Ceramic Salt Cellar
Cherry Wood Salt Cellar: The Cherry Wood Salt Cellar features a clean design, is perfect for keeping salt nearby for cooking or dinner table, comes with a wooden spoon. Buy Now.

Cherry Wood Salt Cellar
Rustic Salt and Pepper Cellars: These gray stoneware condiment holders are simple yet sturdy and functional. Buy Now.

Rustic Salt and Pepper Cellars
Marbletree Salt Cellar: The Marbletree Salt Cellar is two-part container, one half-marble and half-wood salt server making it perfect for your kitchen or tabletop. Perfect for holding different salts. Buy Now.

Marbletree Salt Cellar
Wooden Salt Cellar: This cool wooden salt cellar is perfect for your table, features a cover to keep your salt fresh. Buy Now.

Wooden Salt Cellar
French Kitchen Marble Salt Cellar: The French Kitchen Marble Salt Cellar is a marble salt cellar for storing your sea salt and is perfect for your kitchen. Buy Now.

French Kitchen Marble Salt Cellar
Round Glass Salt Container: The Round Glass Salt Container is a cool salt container made of glass, features a glass top cover and has a vintage look with the word salt embossed on the side. Buy Now.

Round Glass Salt Container
Emile Henry Salt Pig: The Emile Henry Salt Pig is made from durable burgundy clay, features attractive exterior glaze and unglazed interior that absorbs excess moisture from salt keeping it fresh. Buy Now.

Emile Henry Salt Pig
Acacia Salt Cellar: The Acacia Salt Cellar is made from acacia wood, features a swiveling top for easy access, just the thing you need for storing salt or other seasonings on your tabletop. Buy Now.

Acacia Salt Cellar
Bee House Salt Box: The Bee House Salt Box features a white stoneware body and wooden flip-top that keeps your salt fresh and keeps your salt at your fingertips while cooking. Buy Now.

Bee House Salt Box
Olivewood Salt Keeper: The Olivewood Salt Keeper is handcrafted of richly grained olive wood with an oil finish, features a swiveling magnetic top for easy access and holds up to 8 oz. of salt within reach. Buy Now.

Olivewood Salt Keeper
Ceramic Saltmonster Salt Cellar: The Ceramic Saltmonster Salt Cellar comes in 9 shades to choose from, holds your salt, pepper, sugar, cinnamon, or even sauce. Buy Now.

Ceramic Saltmonster Salt Cellar
Mini Black Bowl: The Mini Black Bowl is a black stoneware bowl that features a graceful curved oval shape perfect for your d├ęcor and meal. Buy Now.

Mini Black Bowl

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