May 28, 2018

15 Must Have Peelers and Juicers for Your Kitchen.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy for you and if you are among those who like juices more than the fruit itself then these peelers and juicers are for you.

Gurefuru Chuchu: The Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu lets you enjoy fresh fruit juice straight from the fruit itself. Just insert the device into the fruit and twist him round for around a minute to churn up all the insides of the fruit and you have fresh juice ready and all you need now is a straw to enjoy it. Buy Now.

Gurefuru Chuchu
Cat Peeler: This cool cat vegetable peeler makes your kitchen chores a little bit interesting. It sits on your countertop, and sticks out its tongue whenever you peel your vegetables. Buy Now.

Cat Peeler
Peel Appeal Orange Peeler: The leaf shaped orange peeler is just the thing you need to peel a perfect orange. Buy Now.

Peel Appeal Orange Peeler
Apple Peeler: The Apple Peeler makes removing the peel of your apple real fast. Buy Now.

Apple Peeler
Tweet Folding Peeler: Eating fruits and vegetables is healthy for you, and the Tweet Folding Peeler is perfect for making these fruits and vegetables ready for you in no time. Buy Now.

Tweet Folding Peeler
Zesty Citrus Zester and Peeler: The Zesty Citrus Zester and Peeler comes in the shape of a chameleon that likes citrus, and makes them citrus ready for beverages and cooking. Buy Now.

Zesty Citrus Zester and Peeler:
Karoto Sharpener and Peeler: This kitchen tool allows you to peel, sharpen and curl thin ribbons of carrot, zucchini and cucumber vegetables to decorate your salads and dishes. Buy Now.

Karoto Sharpener and Peeler
Triple Kitchen Peeler: The Triple Kitchen Peeler can be rotated 360 degrees, features serrated blade that allows you to easily dig perfect filaments, corrugated sheet head straight head, effortlessly cut fruit and vegetable peels. Buy Now.

Triple Kitchen Peeler
Citrus Spray: Designed by Lékué, it's an attachment for citrus fruits so their juice can be sprayed onto. Buy Now.

Citrus Spray

Lemoniere Lemon Juicer: The Lemoniere Lemon Juicer comes in the shape of a water can, use it to juice your lemons and pour the juice along with its freshness and watch your dishes grow into a beautiful meal. Buy Now.

Lemoniere Lemon Juicer
Insect Corn Peeler: It's a general rule we don't allow insects in our home, and when it comes to kitchen and cooking there is no place for them. But this cute guy makes an exception. He is here to remove corn kernels from the cob in a fast and easy way. Buy Now.

Insect Corn Peeler
Bistro Juicer: The Bistro Juicer by Bodum is just the thing you need to enjoy a glass of fresh juice in the morning. Unlike other juicers you can place a nice tall glass and it comes with a dripstop that keeps the juice off your kitchen counter. Buy Now.

Bistro Juicer
Bird Shaped Lemon Juicer: The Bird Shaped Lemon Juicer is just the thing you need to squeeze fresh, flavorful juice from sliced citrus for baking, salad dressings and more. Buy Now.

Bird Shaped Lemon Juicer
Ship Ahoy Juicer: The Ship Ahoy Juicer is ship shaped juicer that lets you squeeze every drop of goodness of both lemons and limes. Buy Now.

Ship Ahoy Juicer
Okashina Mikan Uwasa Fruit Juicer: The Okashina Mikan Uwasa Fruit Juicer is another cute juicer from Japan that gives you fresh juice in no time. Buy Now.

Okashina Mikan Uwasa Fruit Juicer

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