May 14, 2018

15 Coolest Masks For You.

These hilarious and unusual masks are sure to make you stand out and will be a conversation starter.

Slimer Mask: This guy doesn't need any intro as he was a important character of well known movies, its mask is just perfect for you to do all you want, eat all you want, drive a bus and lot more. Buy Now.

Slimer Mask
Mouth Moving Pug Mask: The Mouth Moving Pug Mask features moving mouth that moves up and down whenever you speak, makes it more realistic. Buy Now.

Mouth Moving Pug Mask

Mantis Mask: The Mantis Mask features realistic details of the insect head while its bold green color along with shiny big eyes makes it stand out. Buy Now.

Mantis Mask
Cat Mask: This cool realistic cat head mask was created by Housetu Sato as a part of an art exhibition. More info.

Cat Mask
(Image: Credit).

Unusual Masks: All you need to do is upload a picture of your choice to wear someone else face. Buy Now.

Unusual Masks

German Shepherd Dog Mask: The German Shepherd Dog Mask is a realistic mask that is sure to stand out at the next party. Buy Now.

German Shepherd Dog Mask
Mind Control Mask: The Mind Control Mask makes it look like the little grey guys from other world have taken control over your body. Buy Now.

Mind Control Mask
Panda Ski Mask: This cool Panda Ski Mask is sure to make some heads turn. Buy Now.

Panda Ski Mask
Crow Mask: The Crow Mask is just the thing you need if you ever had a feeling for acting and behaving like a crow. Buy Now.

Crow Mask
Personalized Facemask: The Personalized Facemask lets you get your own customized wearable life mask and comes with wide open eyes and the face is in full color. Buy Now.

Personalized Facemask
Horse Head Mask: So what you got to say about this realistic Horse Head Mask? Buy Now.

Horse Head Mask
Lion Head Mask: The Lion Head Mask is a lifelike and funny mask that's sure to draw attention in any situation. Buy Now.

Lion Head Mask
Chimp Mask: Has anyone ever told you during your growing up days that don't make a monkey out of yourself? Now you can with this Chimpanzee mask. Buy Now.

Chimp Mask
Chewbacca Mask: The Chewbacca Electronic Mask lets you transform into everyone's favorite Wookiee. Just open your mouth slightly for a light roar, and open it wider to make your Wookiee roar even louder. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Mask
Cat Mask: This cool Cat Mask is comfortable and light, comes with stretch band and ample padding, and its just the thing you need to give a touch of feline flair to your party. Buy Now.

Cat Mask

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