May 5, 2018

15 Must Have Cushions for You.

Collection of coolest cushions and cushion covers from all over the world for you.

Cat Themed Large Cushion: The Cat Themed Large Cushion is a large comfy cushion that comes in the shape of a realistic Siamese cat's face with blue eyes. Buy Now.

Cat Themed Large Cushion
Octopus Cushion: Kids are going to enjoy this adorable cushioned octopus. Buy Now.

Octopus Cushion
Moon Cushion: The Moonlight is a full moon shaped cushion that glows in the dark, features a real image of the moon, and gives out a glow making it perfect for cuddling. Buy Now.

Moon Cushion
Fox Cushion: You have rested your head on cute dogs, rabbits, carrots and many other pillows and cushions, how about giving this cute fox a chance? Buy Now.

Fox Cushion
Carrot Cushion: The Carrot Cushion looks really cute, and kids are sure to like it a lot. It measures approximate width 22 cm x height 60 cm, is handsewn and perfect for your kid's room. Buy Now.

Carrot Cushion
Record Cushion Cover: This adorable record pillow is just the thing you need to remind you of gone by days of records. Buy Now.

Record Cushion Cover
R2D2 CP30 Pillow Cover: The front of this cool R2D2 CP30 Pillow Cover is made from a gorgeous Starwars curtain that has been repurposed into this cushion. Buy Now.

R2D2 CP30 Pillow Cover
Owl Cushion: This cute Owl Pillow features Terry the owl and is just the thing you need to brighten your kid's room. Buy Now.

Owl Cushion
Polaroid Cushion: Now with the Polaroid Cushion you can display your favorite photo as Polaroid image upon a huggable cushion. Buy Now.

Polaroid Cushion
Rocket Cushion set: The Rocket Cushion set is perfect for creating a space theme décor in your kids bedroom. Buy Now.

Rocket Cushion set
Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover: The Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover features a screen print of your favorite scooter on a cotton cushion cover, comes with zipper closure for easy removal and measures 16" x 16". Buy Now.

Vespa Cushion Pillow Cover
Pikachu Cushion: Working whole day on your notebook can be really tiring and worst are the wrists that get affected. Who can understand this, better than bloggers like us who are in a constant endeavor to get you the best of the world? Well for you and us, now we have Pikachu PC Cushion that also has Nintendo character computer keyboard wrist rest for resting your wrists while working on your notebook. The keyboard wrist rest can be separated, and you can use Pikachu as a toy. The cushion is available in three different Pokemon characters to choose from: Pikachu, Meowth, and Eevee. Buy Now.

Pikachu Cushion
Batman Costume Cushion: The Batman Costume Cushion comes printed with Batman Costume that includes utility belt minus the gizmos. Certainly you wont be able to use the utility belt like the Batman does; though you get three pockets, which you can use it for your TV remote, smartphone or however you find it comfortable. It measures approx 15 x 15 inches and is washable. Buy Now.

Batman Costume Cushion
Nautical Cushion: This nautical cushion features a vintage wooden sailboat printed on both sides. It makes a cool addition for your ocean décor. Buy Now.

Nautical Cushion
Banknote Cushion: Do you think if you sleep on banknotes, it will make any difference to your sleep? Though you may feel financially secure having a bundle of dollar bills under your head, but do you think it would be comfortable? This folded banknote-shape cushion comes with knitted graphics and is just the thing you need if you want to rest your head on dollar bills. Buy Now.

Banknote Cushion

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