May 3, 2018

15 Must Have Coasters for You.

If you are looking for some cool coasters to protect your tabletops from stains and watermarks then these coasters are for you.

Agate Coasters: The Agate Coasters are made of agate (a semiprecious stone), each set is selected for their shape, pattern and translucency and enhanced to maximize their rich colors. These one of a kind coasters are from the stone that ancients believed would guard against danger. Buy Now.

Agate Coasters
Wooden Elephant Coaster: The Wooden Elephant Coaster is handmade from natural materials and protects your tabletops. Buy Now.

Wooden Elephant Coaster
Branch Coasters: The Branch Coasters are made from teak by slicing the sections of tree branches to form a kind of natural parquet pattern. Buy Now.

Branch Coasters
Speedway Interlocking Coasters: The Speedway Interlocking Coasters consist of 6 interlocking racetrack coasters that you can use as coasters or interlock together to use as a trivet. Buy Now.

Speedway Interlocking Coasters
Bali Hai Leaf Coasters: The Bali Hai Leaf Coasters consist of set of four, comes in a leaf shape that looks real and gives an impression as if you gathered them from a jungle path. Buy Now.

Bali Hai Leaf Coasters
Hedgehog Coasters: These cute wooden Hedgehog Coasters are just perfect for your kitchen table. Buy Now.

Hedgehog Coasters
Olive Wood Natural Coasters: The Olive Wood Natural Coasters are handmade from Jordanian olive trees. Buy Now.

Olive Wood Natural Coaster
Sheep Coasters: The Sheep Coasters are wooden 6-piece coaster set that comes with a sheep look design holder. Buy Now.

Sheep Coasters
Tree Shape Flat Coaster: The Tree Shape Flat Coaster provides contemporary solution to protect your tabletops. Buy Now.

Tree Shape Flat Coaster
Nautical Sailor Knot Coasters: The Nautical Sailor Knot Coasters are made of cotton and absorbs any moisture saving your tabletop. Buy Now.

Nautical Sailor Knot Coasters
Leaf Shaped Cup Coaster: The Leaf Shaped Cup Coaster is made of flexible rubber and protects your tabletops. Buy Now.

Leaf Shaped Cup Coaster
Millennium Falcon Coasters: Millennium Falcon from Starwars needs no introduction and now it comes in the shape of coaster to protect your tabletops. Buy Now.

Millennium Falcon Coasters
Animal Coasters: These cute wooden animal coasters consists of a set of 4 different original cartoon animal style coasters. Buy Now.

Animal Coasters
Map of Middle Earth Coaster Set: The Map of Middle Earth Coaster Set consists of six wooden coasters that form the map of Middle Earth. Buy Now.

Map of Middle Earth Coaster Set
Football Coasters: If football has been an integral part of your life, then these Football Coasters are just the thing. Buy Now.

Football Coasters

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