Apr 21, 2018

15 Must Have Washbasin Products.

Proper tools and gadgets make things a lot easy and when it comes to your kitchen why should the things be any different? We have these washbasin products that keeps your counter and kitchen clean and tidy.

Caddy Large: This Caddy Large is needed for your washbasin for placing your washing-up liquid, washing brushes and dishcloths neatly beside your washbasin. Buy Now.

Caddy Large
Multifunction Cutting Board: The Multifunction Cutting Board comes with a movable top that works as a cutting board while the lower part holds the cut vegetables and also can be used as a colander. And it comfortably sits over your washbasin. Buy Now.

Multifunction Cutting Board
Adjustable Drainer Dryingrack: The Adjustable Drainer Dryingrack works as a colander, or to prepare for juicing or cooking. Just place it over your washbasin and when not in use it as ordinary shelves. Buy Now.

Adjustable Drainer Dryingrack
Washbasin Triangular Holder: The Washbasin Triangular Holder comes in a space saving design that can be installed in the corner of your washbasin and holds your soap, and more. Buy Now.

Washbasin Triangular Holder
Wash and Drain: The Wash and Drain is a simple yet functional washing up bowl that comes with a plug, and the plug can also be used as a strainer, that means no more blocked washbasins. You can transport it with ease for cleaning of other areas of your house or for washing dishes anywhere. Buy Now.

Wash and Drain
Washbasin Drainer Basket: The Washbasin Drainer Basket can be used inside of your washbasin or on the counter; you can submerge all your dishes, clean, rinse and drain. Buy Now.

Washbasin Drainer Basket
Sinkstation Flat Colander: The Sinkstation Flat Colander is a flat colander that can be used in or out of the washbasin, can be used to flat-wash food and also provides a removable, washable, hygienic 'deck' at the bottom of your washbasin that keeps your food off the washbasin's bottom during preparation. Buy Now.

Sinkstation Flat Colander
Studio 13" Washbasin Strainer: The Studio 13" Washbasin Strainer features a heavy-duty stainless-steel construction, comes with fine mesh for draining pasta or vegetables and has expandable handle that works with most washbasin openings. Buy Now.

Studio 13
Over the Washbasin Cutting Board: The Over the Washbasin Cutting Board features a cutting board and a removable, foldable colander, and its handle extends up to 7-1/2-inch to work over most washbasins. Buy Now.

Over the Washbasin Cutting Board
Nonslip Over-the-Washbasin Cutting Board: The Nonslip Over-the-Washbasin Cutting Board is an all-in-one preparation board that lets you efficiently chop and wash fruits and veggies, its foldable colander makes it easy for storage. Buy Now.

Nonslip Over-the-Washbasin Cutting Board
Folding Washbasin Draining Basket: The Folding Washbasin Draining Basket is a portable drain basket that can be placed over your washbasin for your vegetables and fruits. Buy Now.

Folding Washbasin Draining Basket
Stainless Steel Washbasin Colander: The Stainless Steel Washbasin Colander is made of stainless steel that's perfect for rinsing and drying fresh fruit and vegetables or as a drainingrack for dishes. Buy Now.

Stainless Steel Washbasin Colander
Folding Washbasin Storage Basket: The Folding Washbasin Storage Basket is just the thing you need for straining water from fruits, vegetables and more and also it doubles as fruit plate. Buy Now.

Folding Washbasin Storage Basket
Snap Washbasin Faucet Cradle: Looking for options to keep your countertop clean or way to keep your peeler, kitchen tools and more in one place? The Snap Washbasin Faucet Cradle is just the thing; it lets you organize your kitchen. Buy Now.

Snap Washbasin Faucet Cradle

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