Apr 14, 2018

15 Unusual Rings for You.

Why opt for boring and regular rings when you can have some of the best and coolest rings.

R2 Claddagh Ring: The R2 Claddagh Ring is a cool ring that takes its inspiration from your favorite droid from Starwars, its available in sterling silver, 14-karat white gold, palladium or platinum. It comes set with a ruby eye and created sapphires. Buy Now.

R2 Claddagh Ring
Batman Forever Ring: Now you can sport the symbol of Batman, it's a double knuckle ring made of dark plated silver and black rhinestones. Buy Now.

Batman Forever Ring
BB8 Spinner Ring: After R2 the other droid who gets everyone's attention is BB8, and we have this cool BB8 Spinner Ring that takes its inspiration from Starwar's droid, its head spins and circumnavigates the ring. Buy Now.

BB8 Spinner Ring
Starwars Themed Ring: This cool Starwars Themed Ring is made of sterling silver. Buy Now.

Starwars Themed Ring
Star Trek Inspired Ring: The Star Trek inspired ring is a limited edition for the 50th anniversary of our favorite space explorers. Buy Now.

Star Trek Inspired Ring
Poké Ball Ring: The Poké Ball Ring is a Pokemon inspired ring that comes crafted in solid 14 Karat white gold, palladium, or platinum and its available in multiple colors. Buy Now.

Poké Ball Ring
Glow In the Dark Snake Ring: The Glow In the Dark Snake Ring is a cool color changing ring that comes in bronze and silver with 17 colors. Buy Now.

Glow In the Dark Snake Ring
Griffin Grip Ring: The Griffin Grip Ring is a covert defense device that conceals pressure point defense device that can be worn on the finger like a ring. Buy Now.

Griffin Grip Ring
Dragon Ring: The Dragon Silver Ring is handmade and looks stylish. Buy Now.

Dragon Ring
Octopus Tentacle Ring: The Octopus Tentacle Ring is an antique style adjustable nautical themed silver ring. Buy Now.

Octopus Tentacle Ring
Circuit Board Ring: The Circuit Board Ring is a silver ring for computergeeks. Buy Now.

Circuit Board Ring
Green Lantern Ring: The Green Lantern Ring is inspired from Green Lantern, handmade from silver, and features a nice green accent stone. Buy Now.

Green Lantern Ring
Triforce Inspired Ring: The Triforce Inspired Ring takes its inspiration from the classic triforce symbol. Buy Now.

Triforce Inspired Ring
SheRa Power Ring: The Power Ring takes its inspiration from headband crown of SheRa, its available in sterling silver and golden brass. Buy Now.

SheRa Power Ring
Ultra Man Ring: The Ultra Man Ring is a silver handmade ring. Buy Now.

Ultra Man Ring

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