Apr 7, 2018

15 Must Have Travel Gadgets For The Road.

Road journey can be fun, but you need to be equipped with proper gear and gadgets to be safe and make your travel more enjoyable.

Hudify: Hudify is portable device that turns your smartphone into a HUD. It uses your smartphone and gives all the data on the transparent screen, so that you can keep your eyes on the road. All you need to do is install its app on your smartphone to get started. It gives you speed limit notification, safety camera notification, and more. Pre-order.


Wireless Automatic Car Tent: Do you prefer a shady place for parking your car during a summer day? If yes, please read on. The Lanmodo is an All-in-One Wireless Automatic Car Tent that automatically folds and unfolds with a remote control and provides protection to your car from various elements, it keeps your car cool. It transforms into a beach umbrella when you use it with an extra camping stand. It also transforms into camping tent for up to 7 people, and features a USB port on the car tent, that allows you to recharge your device or plug in lights. The car tent structure is made of fiberglass, installs in about 30 seconds, and its open process takes 8 seconds. Buy Now.

Wireless Automatic Car Tent

Car Seat Bag Storage: The Car Seat Bag Storage is crafted using waterproof fabric, features different sized pockets for various things: water bottles, smart phones, books, pens, umbrellas, and more. Buy Now.

Car Seat Bag Storage
Put2Go: Put2Go is a magnetic phone dock with built-in wireless recharging for your car that supports iPhone and Android devices. It securely holds your smartphone and recharges it at the same time. Buy Now.


Handpresso Auto Set: The Handpresso Auto Set is an espresso machine for the car, comes with two unbreakable cups and a towel and is powered through a car adapter. Buy Now.

Handpresso Auto Set
Car Seat Gap Storage Box: The Car Seat Gap Storage Box is designed to save the space in the interior of the car while storing your bills, parking cards, phone, keys, and more. Buy Now.

Car Seat Gap Storage Box
Nanum's Car Humidifier: Most of us spend quite lot of time in our cars traveling, and a humidifier can make things a lot easy for us. The Nanum's Car Humidifier is just the thing; it removes unfavorable odors and smells, increases humidity of air, and all. It has a lightweight design, is easy to use and can be powered from car's 12V socket. Buy Now.

Nanum's Car Humidifier
Solar Power Air Purifier: Most of us spend lots of our time traveling in our cars, and the quality of air does matter here. The Solar Power Air Purifier is just the thing one needs to have for healthy air. Buy Now.

Solar Power Air Purifier
Multi-Function Power Bank: This is a multi-function car recharger that features 2 USB ports, power bank and a flashlight. Plug it into your car's 12V socket and use its USB ports to recharge your smartphone or any other USB powered device. Its 2600 mAh power bank lets you juice up you gadgets on the go. Buy Now.

Multi-Function Power Bank
Pelican Elite Cooler: The Pelican Elite Cooler is a 30-quart icebox that comes with 2 inch of polyurethane insulation with a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket that provides iceretention for up to 10 days. It features 4 self draining cup holders, leakproof drain plug, stainless steel bottle opener, 3 inch locking latches, reinforced lockable hasp, integrated measuring board on it to cover in centimeters and inches and more. Buy Now.

Pelican Elite Cooler

Occles: Occles is your 21st Century Sleep mask that is designed to block ambient and Uvlight. These are perfect for a long-distance travel or lying on a beach, these will let you minimize external distractions. Buy Now.


NapAnywhere: NapAnywhere is a portable head-support pillow designed to make your travel more comfortable and restful. This sophisticated head-support pillow is part engineering, part architecture, and part origami. Its portable, supportive and comfortable, provides better head support while seating. Buy Now.


Handirack: The Handirack inflatable roof rack is a cool alternative to the permanent roof racks. Keep it in your trunk and when needed install it and its ready to take your board or for that matter other things too. Buy Now.

Steripen: This portable water purifier makes water drinkable; it purifies 16 Ounce of water in less than a minute and it can filter up to 50 times on a single recharge. Buy Now.

PowerAssist Multi-Tool: This multi-tool comes with pliers, wire cutters, capcrimper, knives, file, screwdrivers, can opener, v-cutter and ruler. Buy Now.

PowerAssist Multi-Tool

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