Apr 1, 2018

15 Must Have Products For Your Beverages.

Beverages taste its best when served at its perfect temperature and setting and these cool beverage gadgets is just the thing you need to make the setting perfect.

Ninja Bottle Opener: Now use the ninja power to open your beverage bottles. Buy Now.

Ninja Bottle Opener
Bottle Mustache: The Beardo Bottle Mustache is just the thing you need for your party, just clip them on your favorite beverage bottle. Buy Now.

Bottle Mustache
Fish Shaped Cooler: Camping is no fun without your favorite beverage and to keep you beverages the way you want, we have this cool Fish Shaped Cooler. It holds six cans for refreshing you. Buy Now.

Fish Shaped Coole
Scuba Diver Glasses: The Scuba Diver Glasses are designed to take a single measure 25ml or 50ml of your favorite beverage. These measure 60ml tall and 45mm square across the top. Buy Now.

Scuba Diver Glasses
Assembling Straws: The Assembling Straw set consists of various straws and connectors that let you create different shapes and structures for your beverage. Buy Now.

Assembling Straws
Fujiyama Glass: On a simple first glance we are sure you aren't going to find this Fujiyama Glass interesting. But wait, its clever design completes when you pour your favorite beverage in it along with a bit of head, and then Mt. Fuji appears in all its glory. Buy Now.

Fujiyama Glass
Elephant Corkscrew: This elephant is clever, he turns his trunk into a bottle opener, and his tail becomes a corkscrew. Buy Now.

Elephant Corkscrew
Cooper Cooler: The Cooper Cooler is a rapid beverage chiller that chills your warm beverages from 77°F/25°C to 43°F/6°C: cans in 1 minute, bottles in 3.5 minutes and for icecold (33°F/1°C) beverages, just double these chill times. Its easy to setup; its unique patented process chills beverages 90x faster than a refrigerator and 40x faster than a freezer. Buy Now.

Cooper Cooler

Han Solo Fridge: The Han Solo Fridge can hold up to 18 cans of soda, keeps your food cool or warm. It comes with 2 removable shelves, works on 110V US AC power cord (for use in home), 12V DC power cord (for use in car). Buy Now.

Han Solo Fridge
Watermelon Drum: This system transforms any melon into a cool beverage drum that's perfect for your party, picnic or BBQs. All you need to do is take a watermelon cut off the top and bottom, scoop it out, make a hole for tap, and tap the melon. Now when you fill this watermelon with your favorite beverage its sure to have a touch and essence of watermelon in it. Refreshing! Buy Now.

tap system

Retro Pineapple Icecube Bucket: The Retro Pineapple Icecube Bucket is a pineapple shaped icecube bucket, comes with removable glass liner and is perfect for holding your icecubes for your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Retro Pineapple Icecube Bucket
Airplane Bottle Holder: This airplane is here to hold your bottle, and don't worry it won't fly off with your favorite beverage. On the second thought, it does make a good conversation piece. Buy Now.

Airplane Bottle Holder:
On The Rocks Set: On The Rocks Set makes it literal meaning real. If you are one of those who feel the icecubes dilute the flavor of your drink, then On The Rocks Set is for you. On The Rocks Set is granite collected on New England beaches, these handcrafted chillers stand for five minutes in your drink and makes it perfect for you. Just put them in its tray and place them in the freezer for freezing. Buy Now.

On The Rocks Set
Amazerods: The Amazerods keep your beverage cooler for longer without watering down and diluting it. These are made from 304 stainless steel, chills your drink from the inside out and its drink thru design allows the beverage to flow. Buy Now.

Arctican Can Cooler: The Arctican Stainless Steel Can Cooler keeps your drinks 3x colder and 3x longer than the average koozie while preventing your hands from getting cool. Its vacuumsealed and features double walled stainless steel. It can be used with almost any 12-ounce aluminum can and keeps them cool for up to 3 hours. Buy Now.

Arctican Can Cooler

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