Apr 26, 2018

15 Must Have Planters for Your Home.

Indoor plants are just the thing you need to provide the much needed greenery inside your home, and these cool planters (indoors and outdoors) are just the thing for your home ambience to provided greenery.

Plant Fuji: Plant Fuji is a ceramic mountain shaped planter that's perfect for your favorite plants. Buy Now.

Plant Fuji
Baby Groot Planter: Baby Groot became a favorite of all in no time and now he comes to you as a planter to hold your tiny plants. Buy Now.

Baby Groot Planter
Geometric Minimal Wall Planter: The Geometric Minimal Wall Planter looks cool by itself or in a group; this porcelain wall planter is best suited for airplants, trailing plants, kitchen herbs, cactus or succulent mini-garden and lets you give a touch of greenery to any wall. It's available in 5 convenient sizes and 10 customizable colors. Buy Now.

Geometric Minimal Wall Planter
Cat in the Planter: The Cat in the Planter features a cute ceramic cat poking his head out of the while his hind legs sit underneath. Buy Now.

Cat in the Planter
Scape Planter Holder: The Scape Planter Holder comes in cylindrical form, is made of solid steel, it holds three 4" planters for seedlings or starter plants. Buy Now.

Scape Planter Holder
Cat Themed Planter: The Cat Themed Planter is made of ceramic, can be filled with succulents, plants or flowers and can be used as a potted plant to decorate the house. Buy Now.

Cat Themed Planter
Hoodie Planter: The Hoodie Planter is sure to bring a smile. Its hand painted to highlight the look of fabric, and features realistic detailing of the cord and the metallic zipper pull. Buy Now.

Hoodie Planter
Cute Girl Flower Planter: You can place a small plant in the head of Cute Girl Flower Planter and its sure to look really different. Buy Now.

Cute Girl Flower Planter
Owl Planters: These adorable owl planters are just the thing you need to display your small plants such as succulent or cacti, etc. Buy Now.

Owl Planters
Head of a Lady Planter: The Head of a Lady Planter is just the thing you need to spice up your indoor or outdoor plant display. You can give this lady any hairdo you want - bouncy ferns or spiky aloe and more. Buy Now.

Head of a Lady Planter
Tree Trunk Planter: The Tree Trunk Planter features a unique textured design that gives it the effect of a real tree stump and is perfect for holding a variety of succulents, cacti, trees, flowers, greenery or fresh kitchen herbs. Buy Now.

Tree Trunk Planter
Small Ceramic Planter: This unusual Small Ceramic Planter along with fresh green plants is sure to look great in any room. Buy Now.

Small Ceramic Planter
Elephant Planter: The Elephant Planter comes with elegant, attractive color, and is perfect for holding small plants. Buy Now.

Elephant Planter
Small Owl Planter: This cool Small Owl Planter is a ceramic 3 inch planter perfect for decorating your home. Buy Now.

Small Owl Planter
Air 6" Plant Holder: The Air 6" Plant Holder is a lightweight and decorative solution that gives you versatility to the outdoor landscape. Buy Now.

Air 6

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