Apr 25, 2018

15 Must Have Lamps for Your Home.

Now disperse darkness from your home with these cool lamps from all over the world.

Batman 3D Night Lamp: The Batman 3D Night Lamp functions as a night lamp and home decoration, and it changes colors automatically: red, blue and purple. Buy Now.

Batman 3D Night Lamp
3D Owl Light Lamp: The 3D Owl Light Lamp is sure to look cute in your kid's room, office, night time and even as a decorative piece. It automatically changes colors, as it is perfect for any home décor. Buy Now.

3D Owl Light Lamp
3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp: The 3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp creates a 3D hologram effect that provides a gentle night light for kid's room. Buy Now.

3D Optical Illusion Cat Desk Lamp
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Lamp: The Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Lamp is a classic Wonder Woman styling desk lamp that's perfect to light up your little corner of man's world. Buy Now.

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Lamp
Sailboat Lamp: This cool 3D Colorful Sailboat Model Lamp is perfect as a desk lamp and decoration for your kid's room. With the touch of a button it changes colors or you can activate 7 colors automatic cycle. Buy Now.

Sailboat Lamp
Nautical Bedside Lamp Set: These handmade concrete nautical themed Lighthouse and boat lamps are perfect to give your bedroom décor a nautical touch. Buy Now.

Nautical Bedside Lamp Set
USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier: The USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier comes as a lighted mushroom, that increases the humidity of air, and can be used as a little night light in the darkness. Buy Now.

USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier
Moon Lamp: The Moon Lamp is a cool night light that features a realistic moon shape with rough landscapes, mountains, lunar mare and gives your own personal moonlight. Its rechargeable, comes with USB port, features adjustable brightness, and you can change color by touch switch. Buy Now.

Moon Lamp
Fox Lamp: This cute little guy needs some space to stay in your home, and don't worry he wont go behind your neighbor's hens and is sure to look cute in your kid's room. Buy Now.

Fox Lamp
Octopus Lamp: The Octopus Lamp is just the thing you need for a perfect accent to desks or nightstands. It measures 6 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches deep. Buy Now.

Octopus Lamp
Cardboard Deer Head Light Fixture: The Cardboard Deer Head Light Fixture is a self-assembly folded cardboard decorative lamp. Buy Now.

Cardboard Deer Head Light Fixture
Ceramic Rabbit Table Lamp: The Rabbit Table Lamp is crafted from ceramic, creates an impression as if a rabbit is hiding underneath a lampshade while its ears are sticking out of the top. Just the thing you need for your kid's bedroom. Buy Now.

Ceramic Rabbit Table Lamp
Spider Lamp: The Spider Lamp looks just like the real thing while placed on the wall. You can place it on the wall or on a tabletop. Buy Now.

Spider Lamp
Jellyfish Night Lamp: The Jellyfish Night Lamp gives you both white and blue light in one lamp; all you need to do is simply press the button to change the color. Buy Now.

Jellyfish Night Lamp
Hogwarts Lamp: The Hogwarts Lamp takes its inspiration from the conic crest of Hogwarts School, features the symbols of all four houses and also includes the famous school motto in Latin. It can be powered using 3 AA or USB cable. Buy Now.

Hogwarts Lamp

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