Apr 19, 2018

15 Must Have Hippo Themed Products.

Collection of Coolest Hippo Themed Products from all over the world for you.

Hippo Cup: There is nothing better than a cup of java in the morning and when it comes in Hippo cup it makes things a lot more interesting. The first few sips from this regular looking porcelain cup are pretty regular, but as you continue, things get a lot more exciting and in the depths of your morning coffee cup reveals a hippo. Buy Now.

Hippo Cup
Hippo Blanket Set: The Hippo Blanket Set consists of two pieces, the blanket that measures 30" x 36" and the animal security blanket is 14" x 14". This soft hippo security blanket is perfect for your kid and you can customize it with their name. Buy Now.

Hippo Blanket Set
Hippo Earrings: These Hippo Earrings create an illusion as if the hippo is holding on to your earlobes. Buy Now.

Hippo Earrings
Hippo Garden Ornament: This cool 17" Hippo garden sculpture creates an impression as if its emerging from your lawn and brings a smile to your face. Buy Now.

Hippo Garden Ornament
Hippo Bracelet: What's your favorite animal? If it's hippo then this customizable hippo bracelet is just the thing for you. Buy Now.

Hippo Bracelet
Hippo Apron: This cool Hippo Apron is a handmade pink hippo apron made from original color pencil drawings. Buy Now.

Hippo Apron
Hippo Necklace: This cool Hippo Necklace is handcrafted jewelry inspired by origami, and its available in 24k gold plated or silver plated on brass. Buy Now.

Hippo Necklace
Hippo Mirror: This cute Hippo Mirror is made from high quality material, and is much lighter than normal mirrors making it extra safe for use in kids bedrooms and nurseries. Buy Now.

Hippo Mirror
Hippo Ring: How about sporting this cute Hippo Ring? Buy Now.

Hippo Ring
Hippo Bottle Stopper: Why opt for boring and regular bottle stoppers when you can have this cool Hippo Bottle Stopper. Buy Now.

Hippo Bottle Stopper
Hippo Paper Clips: These cute Hippo Paper Clips keep your papers together. Buy Now.

Hippo Paper Clips
Hippo Bath Spout Cover: The Nuby Hippo Bath Spout Cover is a fun and interactive bath time toy for babies, just close the mouth hinge on hippo to spray water out of the hippo's nostrils. Buy Now.

Hippo Bath Spout Cover
Hippo Bookmark: Yes we are aware that hippos are very aggressive towards humans, but you need not worry about this Hippomark. This Hippomark swims through pages, and elegantly emerges from the plot to let you know exactly where you stopped your story. Buy Now.

Hippo Bookmark
Hooded Hippo Bathrobe: This lavender terry bathrobe features two-terry ties in front, two smiling white hippo teeth over the head, appliqued gray eyes, hippo ears and a hippo's tail. Buy Now.

Hooded Hippo Bathrobe
Hippo Tea Steeper: This cute Hippo Tea Steeper sits in your cup filled with your favorite loose-leaf blend and soaks to give you a perfect cup of tea. Buy Now.

Hippo Tea Steeper

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