Apr 24, 2018

15 Must Have Glasses for Your Beverages.

When it comes to food and beverages, presentation plays an important role. And these cool glasses are here to make things just perfect.

Planetary Glass Set: The Planetary Glass Set consists of ten glasses, each glass representing one of the planets in our solar system. Buy Now.

Planetary Glass Set
Unbreakable Rocks Glass Set: The Unbreakable Rocks Glass Set features substantial hand weight, plus the look and feel of real glass. Buy Now.

Unbreakable Rocks Glass Set
Scuba Diver Glasses: The Scuba Diver Glasses are designed to take a single measure 25ml or 50ml of your favorite beverage. These measure 60ml tall and 45mm square across the top. Buy Now.

Scuba Diver Glasses
Slightly Bent Stems Glasses: These glasses with slightly bent stems are quite unusual and fun to look at. Buy Now.

Slightly Bent Stems Glasses
Starwars Glasses: The Starwars Glasses set consists of C-3PO and R2-D2, and are sure to be the best buddies for the beverage. Buy Now.

Starwars Glasses
Flute Glasses: The Flute Glasses are just the thing you need for parties and special occasions. Buy Now.

Flute Glasses
Good Day Glass: The Good Day Glass makes measuring your beverage and pour it with humor. Buy Now.

Good Day Glass
Hand Painted Large Glasses: These Hand Painted Wine Glasses are designed for function, and are at once lightweight and solid to hold and features a wide opening for you to immerse your olfactory senses in deep aromatic fragrance of your beverage. Buy Now.

Hand Painted Large Glasses
Boot Glasses: These Boot Glasses are unique shaped glasses that enhance the aromas and flavors of your beverage. Buy Now.

Boot Glasses
Upside Down Glasses: The Upside Down Glasses are just the thing for those who want to a have a touch of humor along with their friends and guests. Buy Now.

Upside Down Glasses
Strong Double Wall Manhattan Glasses: The Strong Double Wall Manhattan Glasses features a unique double wall structure that keeps your beverages chilled for longer time. Its 2-layer design creates a dramatic optical illusion when filled with your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Strong Double Wall Manhattan Glasses
Ultimate Glasses: The Ultimate Glasses are elegantly shaped, functional, and perfect for your beverages. Buy Now.

Ultimate Glasses
Double Wall Glasses: The Double Wall Glasses creates a unique appearance of floating beverage; it sustains the temperature of your beverage and prevents condensation with chilled beverages. Buy Now.

Double Wall Glasses
Porto Sippers: The Porto Sippers can be held in the palm of your hand, and provides an especially enjoyable way to savor port and beverages. Buy Now.

Porto Sippers
Wooden Glasses: The Wooden Glasses are handmade from palm wood, are beautiful and intricate in the level of details. Buy Now.

Wooden Glasses

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