Mar 12, 2018

15 Must Have Rings for You.

A collection of cool rings from all over the world just for you.

Starwars Ring: From the far away galaxy comes this cool ring for you to tie the knot with the person of your choice. Life becomes easy and interesting if the other person is also on the same wavelength or to say, likes the far away galaxy and its droids. If they don't know your favorite droids, no issues, you can always say that you want this cool Starwars Ring as part of you for the rest of life. It comes crafted from your choice of metals and features a one-carat black diamond. Buy Now.

Starwars Ring
Galaxy Ring: Now who wants to wear a galaxy around their finger? Buy Now.

Galaxy Ring
Cat Ring: The cat ring consists of three parts; its Persian head, paws and a bell. Buy Now.

Cat Ring
Crane Ring: The Crane Ring consists of three set - crane head, wing and foot. Buy Now.

Crane Ring
Mustache Ring: How about sporting a manly mustache right on your finger? Buy Now.

Mustache Ring
Pug Adjustable Wrap Ring: Had you ever thought that if it was only possible to have your dog always with you, irrespective where you are, office, traveling, or outing? But we know that its not always possible to do so, and for such times this cute ring is just perfect. Buy Now.

Pug Adjustable Wrap Ring
Mini Honey Ring: The cute Mini Honey Ring comes with a turquoise. Buy Now.

Mini Honey Ring
Feather Ring: You must have had many rings, how about giving the Feather Ring a try? Buy Now.

Feather Ring
Baby Groot Silver Ring: The Baby Groot Ring is handmade from silver, features Baby Groot's face, entwined branches for the ring and small leaves growing around the ring. Simple yet elegant! Buy Now.

Baby Groot Silver Ring
Solar System Silver Rings: There were times when many believed earth is flat, now we know for sure it isn't; and similarly there were also times when it was believed we are the only inhabitants of the universe or life exists only on earth, but with time things are changing and that too at a fast pace. Though it's for sure that in this lifetime we wont make it to any other planet or to put it this way, this beautiful blue ball will only be our home. May be the coming generations over the years will come with scientific advancement may/will call the other planets as their home but for those who like us won't make it; we have these Solar System Silver Rings. Least we can wear these planets as rings on our finger if we cant stay on it, what do you think? Buy Now.

Solar System Silver Rings
Captain America Ring: Captain America is not any ordinary soldier, he is a super soldier, and this adjustable ring comes with his symbol to let others know you aren't any ordinary person. Buy Now.

Captain America Ring
Deer Ring: You must have had many expensive rings by now, how about wearing a vintage styled Bambi ring? Buy Now.

Deer Ring
Dragon Ring: The Dragon Ring is perfect for letting the world know your liking for dragons. Buy Now.

Dragon Ring
Steampunk Violin Ring: The Steampunk Violin Ring is adjustable, looks cute, and perfect for those who play violin. Buy Now.

Steampunk Violin Ring
Jeep Ring: Are you a Jeep girl? If yes, then we have this cool Jeep Ring that's perfect for you. It's made from silver, and measures 16mm X 6mm (approximately). Buy Now.

Jeep Ring

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