Mar 13, 2018

15 Must Have Pokémon Themed Products.

Calling all Pokémon trainers to equip yourself with the world's most Cool Pokémon Themed Products.

Interactive Pokedex: The Interactive Pokedex is an interactive toy that features a full-color LCD screen, has over 1300 quizzes to test your knowledge of the Pokemon universe. It also teaches you about more than 450 Pokemons in the Kalos region. Buy Now.

Interactive Pokedex
Poké Ball Pizza Cutter: The Poké Ball Pizza Cutter features a white cover, when taken off will reveal your cutting tool for your favorite pizza. Buy Now.

Poké Ball Pizza Cutter
Pokemon Ring: The Pokemon Ring is available in 14K white or yellow gold, and comes with various colored enamel depending on your preference. Buy Now.

Pokemon Ring
Trainer's Pendant: Trainer's Pendant features a half moon Ruby on top and half moon cubic Zirconia on the bottom. Buy Now.

Trainer's Pendant
Pokemon Rings: The Pokemon Rings are made from silver and available in Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise characters. Buy Now.

Pokemon Rings
Pokemon Rings
Pokemon Rings
Pokemon Ring: This cute Pokemon Ring features your favorite Pokemon characters - Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. It's available in silver and white gold. Buy Now.

Pokemon Ring
Masterball Ring: This beautifully detailed master Pokeball ring is crafted in solid 14k white gold, featuring natural diamond for the white stones, natural amethysts for the purple stones, and pink topaz for the two pink stones. Buy Now.

Masterball Ring
Pikachu Light-up Slippers: After a hard days work you deserve to put your feet up and relax. And these Pikachu light-up slippers are just the thing you need. Pikachu's cheeks light up when you step in while they cradle your tired feet. Buy Now.

Pikachu Light-up Slippers

Trainer Costume: The Trainer Costume is a handmade cosplay outfit, comes with 4 pieces, hat, fingerless gloves and the jacket is a 2 layer open style with real pockets. Buy Now.

Trainer Costume
Pokemon Go Poke Ball Serving Bowl: The Pokemon Go Poke Ball Serving Bowl is just the thing you need to get your party started. Buy Now.

Pokemon Go Poke Ball Serving Bowl
Pokémon Pikachu Portable Recharger: The Pokémon Pikachu Portable Recharger gives you up to three times extra juice to power your smartphone. Buy Now.

Pokémon Pikachu Portable Recharger
Pokemon iPhone Case: Now let Pikachu takeover the responsibility to keep your smartphone safe, its compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 regular size (4.7" display). Buy Now.

Pokemon iPhone Case
Pokemon Get! Tsurizao: The Pokemon Get! Tsurizao is a DVD interactive animegame that kids can now play with their favorite Pokemon characters and hook them. Buy Now.

Pokemon Get! Tsurizao

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