Mar 15, 2018

15 Must Have Pendants for You.

If you are looking for some cool pendants or necklaces then look no further, we have the best pendants from all over the world for you.

Math Necklace: This cute Pi Symbol Necklace made of sterling silver is a perfect way to let the world know about your liking for math. Buy Now.

Math Necklace
Good Bye Old Friend Star Trek Necklace: Good Bye Old Friend Star Trek Necklace is just the thing for any Trekkies. It's an iconic gesture made by Mr. Spock and anyone relating to and with the Vulcan race. It's available in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and sterling silver. Buy Now.

Good Bye Old Friend Star Trek Necklace
Droid Pendant: Remember the mobile space stations featured in the Starwars movies? Now you can have one. Buy Now.

Droid Pendant
Trainer's Pendant: The Trainer's Pendant is a half moon Ruby on top and half moon cubic Zirconia on the bottom. Buy Now.

Trainer's Pendant
Molecule Necklace: The Molecule Necklace is a sterling silver necklace, just the thing for scientists. It's a celebration of creativity. Buy Now.

Molecule Necklace
Starship Enterprising Kinetic Pendant: This cute Starship Enterprising Kinetic Pendant is made with sterling silver and features Topaz. Buy Now.

Starship Enterprising Kinetic Pendant
Circuit Board Necklace: The Circuit Board Necklace is a sterling silver necklace soldered and polished by hand. Buy Now.

Circuit Board Necklace
True Hero Pendant in Diamonds: The True Hero Pendant features white diamonds on the side and black diamonds on the face. Buy Now.

True Hero Pendant in Diamonds
Inner Workings: The Inner Workings is a steampunk style necklace that is sure to look cool. Buy Now.

Inner Workings
Spaceship Necklace: The Spaceship Necklace is made from solid sterling silver and features a gemstone. Buy Now.

Spaceship Necklace
Moon Phases Silver Necklace: The Moon Phases Silver Necklace is a handmade silver moon phases necklace that features 7 moon phases. Buy Now.

Moon Phases Silver Necklace
Spaceship Galaxy Necklace: The Spaceship Galaxy Necklace is handmade, and it's a unique circuit board asymmetric space necklace. Buy Now.

Spaceship Galaxy Necklace
Computer Circuit Board Pendant: The Computer Circuit Board Pendant features a glowing, electric blue circuit board. Buy Now.

Computer Circuit Board Pendant
Tetrominoes Puzzle Pendant: The Tetrominoes Puzzle Pendant is made of multiple parts, works like a puzzle and you can discover a new pattern. Buy Now.

Tetrominoes Puzzle Pendant
Star Trek Insignia Pendant: If you have watched Star Trek then you are sure to appreciate this cool pendant. Buy Now.

Star Trek Insignia Pendant

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