Mar 20, 2018

15 Must Have Humidifiers for You.

There are plenty of humidifiers available in the market but what we have here are the ones with creative design and ones that make an interesting addition to your décor. These humidifiers give the needed moisture to your indoor air to eliminate dryness while creating a soothing personal space at home, the office, or in a car.

Rocket Humidifier: The Rocket Humidifier is designed to make you feel more relaxed, it changes colors, and is ultra quite, so it does its work without bothering your work. Buy Now.

Rocket Humidifier
Colorful Mini Bulb Humidifier: The Colorful Mini Bulb Humidifier features a transparent bulb shaped design, it's USB powered, portable with a power bank and can be placed anywhere you want. Its super quite and can continuously work for 6-9 hours. It gives you seven color changing nightlights. Buy Now.

Colorful Mini Bulb Humidifier
Phone Booth Humidifier: The Phone Booth Humidifier is USB powered, holds 300 ml of water, and shuts off after 8 hours of normal use. Its simple to use, comes with one-button touch switch. Buy Now.

Phone Booth Humidifier
Mountain Humidifier: The Mountain Humidifier is a mini humidifier, its USB powered and is sure to look cute on your desktop. Buy Now.

Mountain Humidifier
Nanum's Car Humidifier: Most of us spend quite lot of time in our cars traveling, and a humidifier can make things a lot easy for us. The Nanum's Car Humidifier is just the thing; it removes unfavorable odors and smells, increases humidity of air, and all. It has a lightweight design, is easy to use and can be powered from car's 12V socket. Buy Now.

Nanum's Car Humidifier
Satechi v.3 Bottlecap Humidifier: The Satechi v.3 Bottlecap Humidifier is compact and portable, it works with narrow opening of bottles. Just fill a bottle, place the humidifier into the bottle's opening while making sure the filter is submerged into the bottle and plug the humidifier into a USB port for instant comfort. Buy Now.

Satechi v.3 Bottlecap Humidifier
USB Clover Humidifier: The USB Clover Humidifier is a mini humidifier that features a lightweight design, USB interface and easy to use. Just place it in a water cup or a bottle and power it on and it powers-off automatically after 6 hours. Buy Now.

USB Clover Humidifier
House USB Humidifier: The House USB Humidifier is a mini house shaped USB humidifier that's just perfect for your kid's room. Buy Now.

House USB Humidifier
Bottle Humidifier: The Bottle Humidifier generates enough humidity for your bedroom, automatically shuts off when the water level depletes, looks great even when not in use and is designed for easy cleaning. Buy Now.

Bottle Humidifier
Starwars Themed Humidifier: The helmeted head is a tabletop humidifier that holds 1/2-gallon water, humidifies your room for up to 12 hours with 10 moisture settings, and an auto-off function for safety. Buy Now.

Starwars Themed Humidifier
Pig USB Humidifier: Pigs are meant for farms and not home, but this one is an exception. He is here to improve the air quality of your room. Buy Now.

Pig USB Humidifier
Cup Humidifier: This Portable Cup Humidifier features 4-in-1 design, its a air humidifier, air purifier, aromadiffuser and colorful night light. Buy Now.

Cup Humidifier
USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier: The USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier comes as a lighted mushroom, that increases the humidity of air, and can be used as a little night light in the darkness. Buy Now.

USB Mushroom Lamp Humidifier
Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier: This Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier is a compact and lightweight device that uses a plastic water bottle and moist air in your room. Buy Now.

Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier
R2-D2 Humidifier: The R2-D2 humidifier features 10 moisture settings, auto-off function and an opening on the top of its head that works with a standard size water bottle. It creates soothing mist up and increases humidity in your bedroom, living room or office space. It measures 7.25 x 11.5 x 6 inches. Buy Now.

R2-D2 Humidifier

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