Mar 2, 2018

15 Must Have Honeycomb Themed Products.

A collection of Cool Honeycomb Themed Products from all over the world for you.

Hexagon Wood Wall Tiles: The Hexagon Wood Wall Tiles are handmade, comes in set of 12 cedar wood tiles, and are just perfect for decorating your wall. Buy Now.

Hexagon Wood Wall Tiles
Modular Geometric Shelf: The Ruche is a modular geometric shelf that's made of 12 flat metal parts, its easy to assemble, and is perfect to store books, shoes, decorative pieces and more. Buy Now.

Modular Geometric Shelf
Honeycomb Necklace: The Honeycomb Necklace is sure to look cute on your neck. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Necklace
Honeycomb Mini Earcuff: This Honeycomb Mini Earcuff sure does look cute. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Mini Earcuff
Honeycomb Earrings: These Honeycomb Earrings feature honeybees and are made of 14kt yellow gold and 1.08 carats of diamonds. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Earrings
Honeycomb Seating: The Honeycomb Seating features a honeycomb pattern, in black and white, makes a statement and you can use it as extra seating or accent table. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Seating
Honeycomb iPhone Case: The Honeycomb iPhone Case is a lightweight case made from soft material, specifically designed for the Apple iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus, and protects your iPhone against drops. Buy Now.

Honeycomb iPhone Case
Zazil 4 Light Cascade Pendant: The Zazil 4 Light Cascade Pendant is a contemporary multi pendant light that features four pendants in chrome hexagon shape, with silver base in hexagon shape. Buy Now.

Zazil 4 Light Cascade Pendant
Mini Honey Ring: The cute Mini Honey Ring comes with a turquoise. Buy Now.

Mini Honey Ring
Honeycomb Pendant: The Honeycomb Pendant features honeybees and comes with .89 white diamonds set into 18K yellow gold. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Pendant
Honeycomb Wrap Necklace: The Honeycomb Wrap Necklace features hexagonal patterns on a long wrap style necklace. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Wrap Necklace
Honeycomb Pattern Shoulder Bag: The Honeycomb Pattern Shoulder Bag is handmade, features hexagonal appliqué work, available in multiple color options, features small pocket provided at the inner side. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Pattern Shoulder Bag
Honeycomb Sock: The Honeycomb Sock features a solar panel-inspired design and is sure to keep you energized nonetheless. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Sock
Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Queenbox is a Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that's compatible with iPod, iPad, iTouch, Smartphones, PSP, Laptops and more. It also features a powerful built-in microphone that takes your calls to a new level. Take it along to the beach, picnic, camping, and more. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Honeycomb Shelf: The Honeycomb Shelf is crafted from pinewood; this handpainted shelf showcases classic honeycomb hexagons design, and is just perfect to hold small trinkets, air plants, and more. Buy Now.

Honeycomb Shelf

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