Mar 5, 2018

15 Must Have Glasses for your Beverages.

We enjoy our beverages, then why having them in boring and usual glasses?

Scuba Diver Glasses: The Scuba Diver Glasses are designed to take a single measure 25ml or 50ml of your favorite beverage. These measure 60mm tall and 45mm square across the top. Buy Now.

Scuba Diver Glasses
Starwars Glasses: The Starwars Glasses set consists of C-3PO and R2-D2, and are sure to be the best buddies for the beverage. Buy Now.

Starwars Glasses
Hogwarts Color Change Glass: The Hogwarts Color Change Glass features the Hogwarts crest, the symbols of each of the four school houses and also the school motto. Just pour a chilled drink into the glass and the design comes to life, with each of the four quadrants changing to their respective colors. Buy Now.

Hogwarts Color Change Glass
Pineapple Glasses: The Pineapple Glasses are tropical style set perfect for serving tropical beverages to your guests or organizing a tropical theme evening with friends. Buy Now.

Pineapple Glasses
Math Glasses: These old-fashioned glasses come printed with equivalent mathematical constants along with standard ounces and an expanded formula on the other side. Buy Now.

Math Glasses
Fujiyama Glass: On a simple first glance we are sure you aren't going to find this Fujiyama Glass interesting. But wait, its clever design completes when you pour your favorite beverage in it along with a bit of head, and then Mt. Fuji appears in all its glory. Buy Now.

Fujiyama Glass
Planetary Glass Set: The Planetary Glass Set consists of ten glasses, each glass representing one of the planets in our solar system. Buy Now.

Planetary Glass Set
Orion Constellation Glasses: These Orion constellation glasses are handmade, and are best suited for those who like astronomy, outer space, and more. Buy Now.

Orion Constellation Glasses
Matterhorn Mountain Glass: How about enjoying your favorite beverage in a cool mountain themed glass? When you pour your favorite beverage in this Matterhorn Mountain Glass, your beverage washes down the mountain graciously and submerges it completely. Now this miniature peak from the Alps waits patiently for you to complete your beverage to rise again. Buy Now.

Matterhorn Mountain Glass
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Superman Shield Glass with Cape: The Superman Shield Glass can hold 16 ounces of your chilled beverage and mimics the Man of Steel's costume. Buy Now.

Superman Shield Glass with Cape
Eye Glasses: These glasses feature four different illustrated eyeglasses and quotes you can read while you drink. Buy Now

Eye GlassesCaptain America Glass: Why opt for any other glass when you can have Captain America Glass? Buy Now.

Captain America Glass
Cool Glass: These glasses can hold 2.5 ounces of your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Cool Glass
Water Molecules Tumbler Glass: The Water Molecules Tumbler Glass comes printed with water molecules on the glass, and chemistry of this water glass is carefully crafted so that your water retains all its essential oxygen with twice hydrogen. It holds 15 oz of your favorite water-based beverage and lets you enjoy your favorite molecule with water. Buy Now.

Water Molecules Tumbler Glass
Periodic Glass: This glass holds 16 oz of your favorite drink and comes with elements of the periodic table printed on it. Buy Now

Periodic Glass

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