Mar 28, 2018

15 Must Have Bottle Openers.

Bottle openers as such are not so important but when you have a chilled beverage and need to open it then comes the importance of a bottle opener. If you are looking for some cool bottle openers, bottle holders, bottle stoppers and more, don't look further we got you covered.

Beerdy Bottle Opener: If you are in constant need of a bottle opener then what better can be than this cool Beerdy Bottle Opener? He will always be happy to open your bottles one after another. Buy Now.

Beerdy Bottle Opener
Mustache Corkscrew and Bottle Opener: This cool Handlebar Mustache Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is just the thing you need to get your party started. Buy Now.

Mustache Corkscrew and Bottle Opener
Octopus Bottle Holder: The Octopus Bottle Holder is a sculpture stand that measures 7.5" tall, 11" long and 4.5" deep (approx); it gives a touch of flair while holding your bottle in style. Buy Now.

Octopus Bottle Holder
Selfie Cork: The Selfie Cork is a clever universal bottle stopper that turns any standard bottle into a monopod for your photos and videos. Buy Now.

Selfie Cork
Bottle Lock: The bottle lock is perfect for safeguarding one's favorite drink from others. Just put it over the neck of the bottle and lock it up. Buy Now.

Bottle Lock

BROpener: The BROpener turns anything into a cool bottle opener. Buy Now.

Superman Bottle Stopper: Superman isn't involved in trivial matters, but this time he is going to make an exception and is going to take care of your beverage bottle. Buy Now.

Superman Bottle Stopper
Elephant Corkscrew: This elephant is clever, he turns his trunk into a bottle opener, and his tail becomes a corkscrew. Buy Now.

Elephant Corkscrew
$100 Dollar Bill Bottle Stopper: Let the world know you are a millionaire who uses $100 bills as bottle stoppers. Buy Now.

$100 Dollar Bill Bottle Stopper
Dragon Bottle Opener: The Dragon Bottle Opener is perfect for opening your favorite beverage bottles in style. Buy Now.

Dragon Bottle Opener
Wooden Dinosaur Beverage Bottle Holder: The Wooden Dinosaur Beverage Bottle Holder cleverly makes the beverage bottle a part of its design. Its handcrafted from Baltic birch plywood and holds a standard 750ml bottle. Buy Now.

Wooden Dinosaur Beverage Bottle Holder
Fish Pocket Knife: The Fish Pocket Knife is just the thing you need for picnics and camping, use its blade fin to cut and the tail to open bottles. Buy Now.

Fish Pocket Knife
Batman Multi-Tool: Batman is always nifty with tools and gadgets. So we have this clever Batman Multi-Tool for you that functions as a bottle opener, has crosshead and flathead screwdrivers in the wings and comes with a keyring attachment. Buy Now.

Batman Multi-Tool
Titanium Pocket Bit: Titanium Pocket Bit is a keyring screwdriver and EDC multi-tool. It features compact solid titanium alloy double-sided screwdriver bit, and weighs around 1/4 the weight of a standard house key. It's perfect for fastening/loosening common screwheads, opening packages/boxes, and doubles as a bottle opener. Buy Now.

Titanium Pocket Bit

Chargerito: Chargerito is a tiny mobile device recharger that can be comfortably placed on your keyring, and it also has a bottle opener. Buy Now.


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