Mar 24, 2018

15 Must Have Daily Use Products for Techies.

Collection of 'Must Have Daily Use Products for Techies' from all over the world.

Droid Pendant: Remember the mobile space stations featured in the Starwars movies? Now you can have one. Buy Now.

Droid Pendant
Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet: The Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet is slim, sleek and lightweight, can easily hold up to 9 cards and a couple of bills, features an internal pocket that is RFID protected and comes with automatically retracting smart strap. Buy Now.

Manhattan Slim Bifold RFID Protection Wallet
Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10-Watt Solar Panel Backpack: The Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10-Watt Solar Panel Backpack features a 10-Watt solar panel, 12,000mAh to store power, recharges your smartphones, DSLR cameras and other USB devices. It lets you recharge on the go, provides 25L of storage for your gear and comes with a separate laptop/smart device sleeve to store up to a 15" laptop. Buy Now.

Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10-Watt Solar Panel Backpack
Solar System Silver Rings: There were times when many believed earth is flat, now we know for sure it isn't; and similarly there were also times when it was believed we are the only inhabitants of the universe or life exists only on earth, but with time things are changing and that too at a fast pace. Though it's for sure that in this lifetime we wont make it to any other planet or to put it this way, this beautiful blue ball will only be our home. May be the coming generations over the years will come with scientific advancement may/will call the other planets as their home but for those who like us won't make it; we have these Solar System Silver Rings. Least we can wear these planets as rings on our finger if we cant stay on it, what do you think? Buy Now.

Solar System Silver Rings
Satechi v.3 Bottlecap Humidifier: The Satechi v.3 Bottlecap Humidifier is compact and portable, it works with narrow opening of bottles. Just fill a bottle, place the humidifier into the bottle's opening while making sure the filter is submerged into the bottle and plug the humidifier into a USB port for instant comfort. Buy Now.

Satechi v.3 Bottlecap Humidifier
Cup Holder USB Power Adapter: The Cup Holder USB Power Adapter features two USB power ports and two 12V sockets that let you recharge multiple devices - your smartphone, MP3, cameras and more. Buy Now.

Cup Holder USB Power Adapter
Baby Groot Earrings: The Baby Groot earrings are made with solid stainless steel, is sure to look cute when you put them on. These are also available with fishhook earrings. Buy Now.

Baby Groot Earrings
GripSnap: The GripSnap works with any smartphone and it works great as a monopod for your GoPro camera. No more asking strangers to take your pictures or using a selfie stick. It uses a super powerful magnet base that sticks pretty much to any ferrous metal surface. Buy Now.

Narwhal Heated Slippers: The Narwhal Heated Slippers are just the thing you need to keep your feet warm. These wireless foot warmers warm your feet. On a full recharge it lasts up to 6 hours. Buy Now.

Narwhal Heated Slippers
Chewbacca Carpet: Do you think Chewbacca looks like a carpet to you or let us rephrase this, does Chewbacca's fur look like a carpet to you? Princess Leia calls Chewie a walking carpet while Fett wanted to turn Chewbacca into a carpet. Well we have this cool carpet that looks just like Chewbacca's fur, and don't worry the Wookiees are safe. Buy Now.

Chewbacca Carpet
Banknote Pillow: Do you think if you sleep on banknotes, it will make any difference to your sleep? Though you may feel financially secure having a bundle of dollar bills under your head, but do you think it would be comfortable? This folded banknote-shape pillow comes with knitted graphics and is just the thing you need if you want to rest your head on dollar bills. Buy Now.

Banknote Pillow
Polaroid Camera Necklace: The Polaroid Camera Necklace is perfect for letting the world know of your liking for the vintage camera, and what more, you can even customize the photo. Buy Now.

Polaroid Camera Necklace
Virtual Keyboard Keychain: It's a pocketsize version of the popular virtual keyboard; this compact device works with your smartphone, laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Buy Now.

Virtual Keyboard Keychain
Glow in the Dark Bookmark: The Glitter Bottle Bookmark looks real good, and is sure to take you to the correct page to continue your reading. Buy Now.

Glow in the Dark Bookmark
Startrek Bathrobe: Startrek - 'where no one has gone before', the Enterprise needs its officers and these officers are divided into three divisions; three division colors are used on their uniforms - red, yellow and blue. What's your favorite division? Buy Now.

Startrek Bathrobe

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