Feb 19, 2018

15 Must Have Keyring Tools.

Looking for some useful keyring tools and keychains? Look no further we have the best keyring tools and keychains from all over the world.

Titanium Pocket Bit: Titanium Pocket Bit is a keyring screwdriver and EDC multi-tool. It features compact solid titanium alloy double-sided screwdriver bit, and weighs around 1/4 the weight of a standard house key. It's perfect for fastening/loosening common screwheads, opening packages/boxes, and doubles as a bottle opener. Buy Now.

Titanium Pocket Bit

The Key: The Key is a compact self-defense tool that lets you buy some time to get away. It's a keychain that you can take along with you everywhere. Buy Now.

Key compact self-defense tool
KeySmart: KeySmart is a minimalist keyring and perfect pocket organizer. Made from aluminum 6061, it can hold up to 100 keys with the provided extension posts and comes with a removable loop to attach remote car keys. It's customizable and adding to it is simple and easy, it holds your USB sticks and barcode cards, to RFID chips and garage openers. Buy Now:.


Ultra-Sil Dry Day Pack: The Ultra-Sil Dry Day Pack expands to the size of a full backpack and packs into its own tiny pouch that comes with a Hypalon keyring attachment. Buy Now.

Ultra-Sil Dry Day Pack
Space Keyring: The Space Keyring measures 1 inch / 25mm in diameter, comes with silver plated bezel, and the image is encased behind a glass dome. This handmade keyring is perfect for stargazers, astronomers, and more. Buy Now.

Space Keyring
Pryme: Don't go by its size, this Grade 5 titanium micro bottle opener is strong enough to pull a car. Just put it in the keyring and it easily takes off the bottle tops. Buy Now.


Batman Multi-Tool: Batman is always nifty with tools and gadgets. So we have this clever Batman Multi-Tool for you that functions as a bottle opener, has crosshead and flathead screwdrivers in the wings and comes with a keyring attachment. Buy Now.

Batman Multi-Tool
Fox Keyring: This cute little fox keyring is handmade, measures approximately 3.5cm x 3cm at the widest points and is perfect for your keys. Buy Now.

Fox Keyring
Folding Travel Cup Keychain: The Folding Travel Cup has a 50ml capacity, is made from stainless steel and is perfect for backpacking, camping, tailgating and more. Buy Now.

Folding Travel Cup Keychain
Electric Guitar Keyring: The Electric Guitar Keyring is perfect for holding your keys. Buy Now.

Electric Guitar Keyring
Airplane Keyring: The Airplane Keyring features a removable screwtop shaped as a globe paired with an airplane, and is perfect for storing important keys. Buy Now.

Airplane Keyring
Volkswagen Van Keychain Light: The Volkswagen Bus Keychain Light is perfect for your keys, and also projects VW symbol. Buy Now.

Volkswagen Van Keychain Light
Pixel Keychain Flashlight: The Pixel is designed for hard-use EDC and is compact enough to attach anywhere. Comes with durable stainless steel construction, 25 lumens, and a simple twist for on/off. Buy Now.

Pixel Keychain Flashlight
EDC Keychain Pen: The EDC Keychain Pen is designed to be with you at all times; you don't need to remove it from a clip or splitring on your keychain to use it. This well-crafted pen comes with ink options of red, blue and black. Buy Now.

EDC Keychain Pen
Key Shaped Bottle Opener: Brewzkey bottle opener blends in perfectly with your keys. Buy Now.

Key Shaped Bottle Opener

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