Feb 1, 2018

15 Must Have Cardboard Products For You.

Cardboard products are best as these can be space savers, just fold them off when not in use and assemble them when you need them.

Tennino Table Tennis Table: Table tennis can be an entertaining pastime, but these tables are expensive, and then we have limited space. Tennino Table Tennis Table is the just the thing you need, its assembled from pre-grooved cardboard parts and easy to set up. And when not in use you can disassemble it and store it away even in small spaces. Buy Now.

Tennino Table Tennis Table
Petbo Cat Playhouses: These playhouses provide a safe and playful space for your cat and also serves as a home decor element. Made from cardboard, it comes with a scratchboard and assembles in less than 1 minute. Buy Now.

Petbo Cat Playhouses

Cardboard Desk: The cardboard desk weighs just about 6.5 kgs, and folds away for easy storage. It can be transformed from sitting to standing height by simply changing its legs. Its durable yet strong can take up to 85 kgs, and comes with waterproof top. Buy Now.

Cardboard Desk
Cat Scratch Turntable: The cardboard turntable for cats gives your cat an opportunity to be a DJ while giving it the perfect scratchpost to do its thing. Buy Now.

Cat Scratch Turntable
Cardboard Seat: This Cardboard Seat is just the thing you need as occasional table or a side table. When not is use just disassemble it after use and save space. Buy Now.

Cardboard Seat
Boox Store: The Boox Store consists of two camouflaged cardboard storage boxes that are designed as horizontal and vertical set of books and these will perfectly integrate in your library shelf. Buy Now.

Boox Store
Cardboard FM Radio and Portable Speaker: The Cardboard FM Radio and Portable Speaker for your iPod is housed in a simple folded cardboard construction. It provides quality music; its telescopic aerial gives it a super-retro look and is perfect for great FM reception. Buy Now.

Cardboard FM Radio and Portable Speaker
Cardboard Cat Playhouse: Cats like to play in cardboard boxes, and what better can be than this cool Cardboard Cat Playhouse? This Cardboard Cat Playhouse is sure to provide you and your cat hours of entertainment. Buy Now.

Cardboard Cat Playhouse
Cardboard Teepee and Cabin: The Cardboard Teepee and Cabin are foldable cardboard houses for cats. It provides a more grown-up place for your feline friends to fall asleep. Buy Now.

Cardboard Teepee and Cabin
Berlin Boombox: The Berlin Boombox is a retro-style speaker that's simple to assemble; you need to place your smartphone, MP 3 or Bluetooth device into the 'tapedeck' space and play your favorite music for hours. Buy Now.

Berlin Boombox
Cardboard Deer Head Light Fixture: The Cardboard Deer Head Light Fixture is a self-assembly folded cardboard decorative lamp. Buy Now.

Cardboard Deer Head Light Fixture
Scratching Laptop for Cat: The cardboard scratching laptop for cats comes with a fluffy toy mouse on elastic and a scratchy keyboard and gives the much needed outlet for your cats for their natural instinct to scratch. Buy Now: $29.99.

Scratching Laptop for Cat
Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Studio: If you have limited space in your apartment and want to have your own personal space? Then the Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Studio is for you, it's your personal soundproof cardboard studio that lets you make all the noise you want. Buy Now.

Danbocchi Personal Soundproof Studio
180° Table: The 180° Table is a handcrafted cardboard low table that provides dynamic lines, angles and textures to your living space. Buy Now.

180° Table
Drum Table: The Drum Table is made from cardboard, painted wood and metal, and is just the thing you need to liven up your living room. Buy Now.

Drum Table

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