Feb 26, 2018

15 Must Have Car Gadgets.

We spend lots of time in our cars traveling, though manufactures do their best to make these cars comfortable for us, but a few addons and customizations can make things a lot comfortable and easier.

Car Door Opened Signal Warning: The Car Light Door Opened Signal Warning alerts the vehicles coming from the rear to pay attention and to maintain a safe distance. Its turns on once you open the door and then turns into a light alerting others of the door been opened. Buy Now.

Car Door Opened Signal Warning
Cup Holder USB Power Adapter: The Cup Holder USB Power Adapter features two USB power ports and two 12V sockets that let you recharge multiple devices - your smartphone, MP3, cameras and more. Buy Now.

Cup Holder USB Power Adapter
Cup Humidifier: This Portable Cup Humidifier features 4-in-1 design, its a air humidifier, air purifier, aromadiffuser and colorful night light. Buy Now.

Cup Humidifier
4 Season Smart Windshield Cover: The 4 Season Smart Windshield Cover is a double-sided windscreen cover that you need to protect your car from the elements. Buy Now.

4 Season Smart Windshield Cover
Car Wheel Hub Tire Lugs: How about giving a touch of chariot inspired design to your car wheels? Buy Now.

Car Wheel Hub Tire Lugs
Turn Signal Light: The Turn Signal Light makes it easier for the rear vehicles to note that you have indicated for turn. Buy Now.

Turn Signal Light
Tire Pressure Smart Valve: Driving on flat tires is no fun; to get you in control over your tires' pressure, we have these Tire Pressure Smart Valves. The Tire Pressure Smart Valve switches colors according to the tire's condition. Buy Now.

Tire Pressure Smart Valve
Projector Lights For Volkswagen: These Projector Lights are wireless, has its own power source, and projects a cool Volkswagen symbol on the road once you open the door. Buy Now.

Projector Lights For Volkswagen
Car Perfume Clip: The Car Perfume Clip looks like a single turbine engine and is just the thing you need to create an inviting aroma in your car. Buy Now.

Car Perfume Clip
Foldable Sunshade: Temperature rises greatly when you park your car outdoors without any shade, and it does take time to cool the interiors again. To make things a bit easy we have for you Foldable Sunshade, when not in use just fold it off. Buy Now.

Foldable Sunshade
3D Car Sticker Tentacle: How about giving your car tentacles? For sure it's going to be unique and makes it easy for you to find your car in the parking lot. Buy Now.

3D Car Sticker Tentacle
Sunvisor Tissuepaper Bag: Some people eat in their cars and some don't, but it doesn't mean you eat then only you need tissuepapers, it can be for wiping your nose, or anything, and having tissuepaper handy makes things a lot easier. The Sunvisor Tissuepaper Bag is designed so that whenever you need tissuepapers you have it within you reach. Buy Now.

Sunvisor Tissuepaper Bag
Solar Power Air Purifier: Most of us spend lots of our time traveling in our cars, and the quality of air does matter here. The Solar Power Air Purifier is just the thing one need to have for healthy air. Buy Now.

Solar Power Air Purifier
Car Envelope Style Trunk Cargo Net: The Car Envelope Style Trunk Cargo Net makes it easy for you to organize your trunk, and store groceries, sports equipment, or other supplies. Buy Now.

Car Envelope Style Trunk Cargo Net
Carbonfiber Car Organizer: The Carbonfiber Car Organizer clips on the visor and holds your sunglasses, cards and more. Buy Now.

Carbonfiber Car Organizer

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