Feb 14, 2018

15 Cool Food Themed Products.

Collection of 'Cool Food Themed Products' from all over the world for you.

Pineapple Earrings: These cute earrings feature golden yellow pineapples in a green setting. Buy Now.

Pineapple Earrings
Watermelon Socks: Just wear these cool watermelon socks for fun time in the summer. Buy Now.

Watermelon Socks
Carrot Whisk: Why use a regular whisk to blend ingredients smooth when you can have a carrot whisk! Buy Now.

Carrot Whisk
Strawberry Pen: Do you like strawberries? This cool Strawberry Pen gives you the aroma of fresh strawberries. So next time you are writing with this pen the next thing you know is you are searching your fridge for strawberries. Buy Now.

Strawberry Pen
Milk Carton Pencil Case: This cool pencil case looks like a milk carton, it's a perfect pouch for storing your pencils and more. Buy Now.

Milk Carton Pencil Case
Apple Candle: This apple-shaped fragrant candle goes on for up to 10 hours to give you light. Buy Now.

Apple Candle
Nutella Jar Necklace: The Nutella Jar Necklace features a Nutella jar along with a spoon inside, makes it a unique jewelry. Buy Now.

Nutella Jar Necklace
Pizza Socks: The Pizza Socks come packed in a cardboard box and looks like delicious pizza. Buy Now.

Pizza Socks
Hamburger Bedding: Do you eat in bed? Then how about eating in bed with hamburger sheets? The pillows are double sided; with a hamburger on one side and while the other has bread with sesame seeds on it. Buy Now.

Hamburger Bedding
Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes: The Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes are pocket sized, comes in set of 180 stickies, you can stick these for a small notification or reminder like cookbooks, textbooks, school notes, important notes at work or anywhere else. Buy Now.

Mini Mushroom Sticky Notes
Chocolate Door Stopper: The Chocolate Door Stopper comes in the shape of a chocolate, and looks delicious and yet stops the doors from closing. Buy Now.

Chocolate Door Stopper
Tortilla Pencil Case: The Tortilla Pencil Case is a delicious-looking case that can hold up to twelve pencils or pens. Buy Now.

Tortilla Pencil Case
Pizza Coasters: The Pizza Coasters are shaped like delicious mini pepperoni pizzas, comes in set of 6 coasters and are perfect for your table. Buy Now.

Pizza Coasters
Donut Soaps: These cleverly designed Donut Soaps look like real donuts, these are available in pink frosted and chocolate frosted, comes in set of 4 (2 pink, 2 chocolate) and each of these donut soap weighs approx .80 oz. Buy Now.

Donut Soaps
Pineapple Door Stop: The Pineapple Door Stop is a decorative and functional door Stopper and lets you welcome your guests with an open door and a pineapple. Buy Now.

Pineapple Door Stop

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