Feb 3, 2018

15 Cool Fish Themed Products.

These Cool Fish Themed Products are functional and here to give a touch of fun to your everyday boring products.

Fish Waffle Iron: Now who doesn't enjoy eating waffles? If you do, then this waffle iron is for you. You can use it for cooking cichlids fish cakes. Buy Now.

Fish Waffle Iron
Fish Magnetic Glass Markers: These Fish Magnetic Glass Markers are going to be great conversation starters and makes it easy for everyone to identify their glass. Buy Now.

Fish Magnetic Glass Markers
Whale Toothpick Holder: This cute blue whale waits patiently while holding toothpicks for you. Buy Now.

Whale Toothpick Holder
Dolphin Glass Bottle: The Dolphin Glass Bottle can hold up to 1.2 liters, features the figure of a dolphin and includes a stopper. Buy Now.

Dolphin Glass Bottle
Sardine Fish Shaped Paper Clips: The Sardine Fish Shaped Paper Clips are fun stationery that comes in tin sardines box. Buy Now.

Sardine Fish Shaped Paper Clips
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Fish Shaped Brush: This cool pastry and basting brush comes with a wooden holder and is sure to look cool in your kitchen. Buy Now.

Fish Shaped Brush
Fish Shaped Cooler: Camping is no fun without your favorite beverage and to keep you beverages the way you want, we have this cool Fish Shaped Cooler. It holds six cans for refreshing you. Buy Now.

Fish Shaped Coole
Whale Keychain: We do need keychains for organizing our keys, then why not have one that is functional and fun? The Whale Keychain features light and sound; so no more fumbling at the door as you try to get your key in the lock. Buy Now.

Whale Keychain
Fish Laundry Bag: The Koinobori Travel Laundry Bag is just the thing you need to keep your dirty laundry in order while traveling. Buy Now.

Fish Laundry Bag
Fish Pocket Knife: The Fish Pocket Knife is just the thing you need for picnics and camping, use its blade fin to cut and the tail to open bottles. Buy Now.

Fish Pocket Knife
Fish Slippers: These handpainted fish slippers look just like the real fish and the credit of this goes to their hyper-realistic painting. There slippers are sure to make you the focus talk around, and who knows they may even think that you took the inspiration from 'Guy' from The Croods animated movie and are wearing the real thing. Buy Now.

Fish Slippers
Fish Pencil Case: The Fish Pencil Case looks like a real fish but no worries it wont smell like one. Though other students may find it weird keeping stationary in a fish. Buy Now.

Fish Pencil Case
Fishbone Shelf: Fishbone is a modular shelf that resembles herring fishbones and can be arranged in a variety of ways. One can place these at 45 or 90 degrees, in pairs or in multiple combinations to decorate the walls with practicality. Buy Now.

Fishbone Shelf
Mackerel Fish Placemat: Do you like fishing? How about having a mackerel on your dinner table all the time, but you wont be able to cook it or eat it. The Designer Mackerel Fish Placemat is perfect for you, and comes with cork back. Buy Now.

Mackerel Fish Placemat
Moby Bath Spout Cover: The Moby Bath Spout Cover is a cute blue whale designed to keep your baby's head safe. Its interesting enough to get your reluctant baby to the bath. It comes with adjustable strap that works with a variety of spout sizes, and once you are done using it, you can dry it by its tail. Buy Now.

Moby Bath Spout Cover

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