Jan 6, 2018

15 Coolest Mirrors for You.

What do you think who needs mirror more, guys or girls? It's quite obvious whose sitting in front of the mirror for hours getting dressed up, or who needs a compact mirror right in their purse for touch up.

TV Mirror: This finely crafted mirror features a built-in TV; the TV completely disappears when turned off leaving only the true mirror reflection. Buy Now.

TV Mirror
Batman Mirror: When you look into the mirror, what do you see? It's a million dollar question and surely the answer varies from person to person. But one thing is for sure, this Batman Mirror is sure to remind you that even though Batman has no superpowers, he uses his intellect, gadgets, and physical prowess to defeat his opponents. So next time you see in this mirror, we are sure its going to inspire you to do your best and come out victorious. Buy Now.

Batman Mirror
Polaroid Pocket Mirror: The Polaroid Pocket Mirror lets you pose for a selfie everytime you look into it. Buy Now.

Polaroid Pocket Mirror
Guitar Shaped Mirror: The guitar shaped wall mirror is perfect for giving a musical touch to your home. Buy Now.

Guitar Shaped Mirror
Carzor: It's same size as a credit card and can coolly be put into the wallet; its blades are stored behind the mirror. Buy Now.

Smart Bathroom Mirror: When a smart guy gets creative what results in is really amazing. Give a two-way mirror, a display panel and controller board, bunch of components and more to Google engineer Max Braun and you get a smart bathroom mirror. It displays time, day, weather and news headlines. More info.

Smart Bathroom Mirror
Juno Smart Makeup Mirror: Juno is an intelligent make up mirror with auto sensing technology that features adjustable 'true light' settings so you can apply makeup properly. It comes preloaded with light settings for indoor, office, and evening so you look your best always. Apart from these, it functions as a reading lamp, its built-in ring light lets you take perfect selfies, and its integrated storage tray lets you store all your beauty and makeup needs. The smart mirror has Bluetooth and connects with your iOS or Android device. Pre-order.

Juno Smart Makeup Mirror

Pearl: Pearl is a compact mirror that doubles as a USB recharger to juice up your gadgets on the go. It features a built in ring light for makeup in the dark, features high power 2.1A USB port that recharges your smartphone or any USB powered device. Buy Now.

Pearl compact mirror
Perseus Smart Mirror: Perseus Smart Mirror keeps you connected and comes with HD camera, voice recognition, video streaming and more. It keeps you updated with news, weather, text and social updates, calendar, commute options and more. Pre-order: $249.

Perseus Smart Mirror

Cordless Vanity Mirror: The Cordless Vanity Mirror saves you the electrical work and is perfect for those spaces where you don't have power outlet. This wall fixable-lighted mirror is portable power sourced, that lets you install it anywhere. Its glass rotates 360 degrees, gives you 10X magnification making it perfect for applying makeup, and features bright ring light. Buy Now.

Cordless Vanity Mirror
Lamp Mirror: Creative lamp that also doubles as a mirror. More info.

Lamp Mirror
"Looking Good" Wall Mirror: Inspired by the classic sunglasses design, the Looking Good mirror is from Thabto. More info.

Looking Good Wall Mirror
(Image credit: Credit).

Massi Mirror: It has a white or blue lighting installation, and a circle of light pours out from the back of the mirror. More info.

Massi MirrorPocket Mirror: Made from reflective mirror shine flexible plastic, its small enough and can be easily placed in a credit card area of your wallet. Buy Now.

Pocket MirrorCreative Wall Decoration Mirror: This creative wall decoration mirror comes from h2o Architects, it integrates the planter with the mirror. More info. [Via]

Creative Wall Decoration Mirror

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